Wicked "religious" family member

Why does God continue to bless my aunt if she puts down her own family members and criticises them. But she won’t do it to her own immediate family. She is constantly living her life through her children & encouraging them to act like fools(they love watching & acting like the Kardashians & such shows), but beats us down when we make a mistake. She is also narcissistic with her social media & in life. She says she’s Christian but doesn’t act like one. My family has told her she hurts us, but she’s trying to help and NEVER says sorry. She even had an abortion from an affair, while married & acts like our small sins are worse than hers & her families.

Why do you think God is doing anything with her? Let’s not treat God like a vending machine. If your aunt has material goods, they came from her work or the work of others, not a “blessing” from God.


That is true. She never had a real job, and she works my poor uncle like mule, while she cheated on him for years & still has an abundance of men telling her nasty things on her provocative pics, that of course her husband still doesn’t know about. She says these are blessing because she prays… I get upset cause I have the same job as her which is easy, working for our ill mothers. But I go to school and encourage others, help others in my neighborhood, 100% faithful to my man, but something always bad happens. & I don’t ask God for a materialistic blessing. I ask him to lead me in the path of righteousness & I pray for others, & others that have hurt me & for my animals.

You sure have a lot of gossipy things to say.

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and then

If material good or success were a sign of blessings from God, then God really loved the Saudi Royal Family much more than He loves my family.

The only thing you can change is your own attitude. You know the secret of her sins, apparently she trusts you with these sensitive things. Women who have had abortions need love and compassion. Please, don’t bring up her sins (remember, God knows our sins and calls us by name, Satan knows our name and calls us by our sins),

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Sorry If I struck a nerve. But unfortunately unlike ur kids I don’t have a mother to give me motherly advice. & I’m doing it on a religious forum where I can get religious advice, whereas she puts its all on Facebook (where people know who it is). For I am barely in my 20’s and the most advice I get, is basically " f**k that narcissistic spiritual b****. & religion is overrated." Oh & according to her being a Christian is better than Catholic… So forgive me for not being mature, as God know WE can all be very immature at time.

I am sorry you don’t have a mom to get advice from. There are plenty of women here that will offer you opinions and options if you come here for knowledge and prayer.

My first piece of advice is to stop following people like her on Facebook. You know she is the way she is, you don’t need to read it.

Secondly, really, stop talking about her, because you are dragging yourself down to her level.

Please come here and ask whatever you want to know about Catholicism. Are you Catholic? Or are you just interested?


Thank you for that. I just get so feed up. I even forgave her countless times over the years. & the whole family knows her story but doesn’t question her because of her man’s money & her materialistic thing that she offers. There is times I believe the things she say because she says she is older & knows more about religion. I don’t even know which church I should go to. I try so hard to be good & to comply by the Bible, but I didn’t have much religion in life growing up. Only a Bible from my grandma brought from prison & I was baptized. I have hard time being good, I constantly do things on my own & I sometimes question God when I get upset. I know I’m lost and I just want to be found.

Do you have to hang around her? Who do you live with?
Relatives can be frustrating, try not to let her get under your skin (I know, easier said than done)
You need to get your own life and interests and friends, then it won’t matter what your auntie says

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I’d advise you to keep your distance from her, and, if you have questions on religion, don’t ask her. Your family has fallen the common trap of looking up to the person with the most material goods!

Keep reading here, and other Christian threads. If you have a question, message us! Know that you’re welcome here, and don’t concern yourself with how much money a person has, or what she owns, materially.

Praying for you!

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Since you are an adult, memorize the verse in the Bible where Jesus tells the Pharisees to take the plank/beam out of their own eye before commenting on the speck in another’s. Memorize it and “keep it in your back pocket” for the next time the aunt goes on one of her fault-finding binges so that you can “call her out”.

You probably need to put some distance between yourself and this aunt. There is no rule that you need to be up in eachothers business. The fact that you know that she had an abortion resulting from an affair is an indicator that perhaps there are many boundary issues between you and her.

That is the best I have to offer for this one. In today’s world you can move half way around the world and still be in each other’s business. It takes discipline to make boundaries and adhere to them. That is where I would start.

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