Wicked: The Book Discussion thread

I found the thread on the play. I am only just reading the book. I wouldn’t say it’s the best book I’ve read, but I’m fascinated by the story, since it’s tied to the oh-so-familiar Wizard of Oz movie we all know so well.

Parts of the book are definitely R rated, and I think the author himself might be an athiest with a bit of an agenda.

Elphaba is definitely a tragic character. Sort of like Dr. Gregory House:D . You just want to help her but she would never accept it.

Anybody else’s thoughts??

bump ??

I started reading it a while back. Then not too far in it became morally offensive and just disgusting. So I just put it down. I see no reason to subject myself to that kind of stuff when I can so easily distance myself from it. Of course, if I had read the whole thing I might have found SOME value in it, but overall, is it really going to be worth it anyway?

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