Widows and annulements

Would a non-catholic widow married outside the Catholic Church, of course, need an annulment to convert or since the marriage would have been invalid would she just confess to having an invalid relationship prior to confirmation?

If she’s a widow then she has no spouse. If she wanted to marry in the Catholic Church she could do so (assuming there aren’t other marriages and divorces involved) so no annulment would be required.

Non-Catholics are not required to be married according to Catholic form so there’s no reason to assume her marriage was invalid or that there’s anything to confess.

If you’re confused about this, the best person to talk with is your local priest.

no annulment needed if the spouse is no longer living. but as suggested the best person to talk with is your / a priest.

My best friend growing up had divorced grandparents. When her grandmother died a few years after the divorce, her grandfather became “widowed” in the eyes of the Church. He then married his girlfriend in the Church. No annulment was needed any longer because his wife (ex-wife legally) had died. I’m sure if someone is widowed before converting, any marriage after the fact would be just fine.

Yes, marriages are, “Until death”

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