Widows and Older Vocation women over 40 new Franciscan religious community


Members are joining now and may come to the Retreat in August. Any woman is invited to the retreat and does not have to become a member, just enjoy the talks!

The Family of Jacopa Association, www.familyjacopa.com is presenting three days of talk’s entitled, “A Widow’s Walk” by Dr. Ronda Chervin, PhD., MA and Marti Armstrong, MS (OFS) in Steubenville, Ohio on August 12 - 14th, 2014. These talks will offer encouragement, comfort and wisdom from the widow Saints. Talks include; speaker’s witness stories, The Widow’s Plight, (Widow’s Roles) Saints who became helpers, penitents and prophetesses, Saints who became contemplatives, religious and foundresses, Jesus as the second bridegroom and Mary, Exalted Widow, Franciscan religious community and Stations of the Cross for Widows.
The Family of Jacopa Association is a new, Franciscan community for Catholic widow’s and single women over 40 years old. We have a Secular group and Sisters (Sisters of Jacopa) living together in common at the Motherhouse and will be invested in the Holy Habit at Novitiate (tunic and veil). We have been approved to start and form since Feb. 2013 by the Episcopal Vicar of the Steubenville Diocese and the Bishop. We are a legal, non-profit, tax-exempt corporation with a Board of Directors.
Please see our website and call for information about coming to the retreat or in joining our community. (740) 314-8455 or address: 124 Buena Vista Blvd., Steubenville, OH 43952 or email: familyjacopa@yahoo.com

Pax et Bonum! Kathleen Ann, FJ (Foundress and Community Servant)


Sounds like this will be a wonderful community to be a part of. God Bless.


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