Widows and single women over 40 New Franciscan Religious Community

Hello! I haven’t posted for awhile and I thought I would let women know, that may be interested, that our new community is ready to begin formation with members. We are, “The Family of Jacopa Association.” We have a Secular group for women that want to live in their own homes, but pursue a Franciscan life of holiness with other Sisters in Christ. We have formation, retreats and communication with all of the members. Women who wish to become religious Sisters may come to Steubenville, Ohio to live in common and begin formation in the Postulancy and Novitiate, followed by a vowed religious life. Please visit our website at:
I have been meeting with the Episcopal Vicar of the Diocese for over a year and have met with the Bishop, both are favorable and supportive of this new charism. We are mentored by the Franciscan T.O.R. Sisters, Brothers and Priests in Steubenville and our local Secular Franciscan Fraternity. It is and will be a beautiful life! Please call me at 740-275-6168 to discuss your discernment in The Family of Jacopa as a Secular member or as a Sister.
–Kathleen Ann, OFS

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