Widows of Prayer


I am now in formation with the "Widows of Prayer" out of Wisconsin. I live in Chicago and along with 2 other women are hoping to grow our local community. If God wills it and the Church we hope that we will one day be Canonically approved to be the Order of Widows which first existed in the early Church. For now, we promise to pray everyday for the Pope, Priests and all of those in Church leadership. We try to attend daily Mass if possible. We try to pray the Liturgy of the Hours (Morning and Evening Prayers) and attend Eucharistic Adoration. I say try because although we have no age limit (high or low) some women have work or families to attend to or are in nursing homes. We have local Masses, teachings and times of Eucharistic Adoration together and a once a year retreat in Appleton, WI. "Widows of Prayer" has a website. Please contact me with questions. God Bless!


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