Widows re-marrying?


What is the Catholic belief a widow re-marrying? For example, my aunt married and had kids with her first husband, but he passed away, and eventually she re-married, and her and her 2nd husband have a child. Would there be anything sinful in this situation?


No - nothing sinful as you have described it. Not sure why you would think there was either. There is no problem with a widow/widower remarrying … the marriage vows are until “death” … once a person’s spouse passes away that remaining spouse in no longer married - though they may still feel married … some even feel this way the rest of their lives. Remarrying after a death has no bearing on the love they had for their first spouse … people who were happily married will often remarry as do those in poor marriages :shrug: and the opposite is true

A catholic widow/widower would not be able to marry someone who was not free to contract a marriage - i.e. a civilly divorced person … a married person …

And of course - each person grieves the loss of a spouse in their own way - you cannot judge that …generally it is good not to rush into new relationships - but there is no standard time frame -

Our lives are a journey …


No, what makes you think it would be?


Not sinful at all. The bond of marriage is dissolved when one spouse dies.

Canon Law:

Can. 1141 A marriage which is ratified and consummated cannot be dissolved by any human power or by any cause other than death.


We Catholics consider someone married until death does them part. Once death does them part, the surviving spouse is free to remarry without any problems whatsoever, because s/he has already fulfilled his/her obligations as a spouse.


St. Paul told us that he wants widows that are young to remarry so they don’t get in other peoples business. He laid it out in so many words.


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