Wierd Al Yankovic

Does anyone know if he’s still performing? I haven’t heard about him in a long time. (I love his song parodies.)

Yes, I believe he is still performing; he was a grandstand act at the Illinois State Fair just last summer. He’s actually one of my favorite artists :o

I especially like his rap parodies “Amish Paradise” and “White and Nerdy” – even the original rap artists he was poking fun at (Coolio and Chamillionaire) praised his work!

He just released a new EP called Internet Leaks. I’ve heard every song. It’s pretty good.

Yeah, he does a “Doors” montage about Craigslist. It’s fittingly bizarre.

All time favorite “Fat” and new favorite “White and Nerdy”

I liked Weird Al’s early stuff but his more recent work has slid into unacceptable territory. Oh well.


I have to disagree, if you have not seen white and nerdy I urge you to go to youtube now.

He usually tours when he releases a new album and his next one is set to come out in 2010. :slight_smile: He’s the only artist I’ve seen live more than once willingly.

Because he’s a comedian I usually forget to include in my list of favorite recording artists. But once I start listening to him I can’t stop! The man is a genius. “White and Nerdy” is awesome but I especially love his style parodies (“Dog Eat Dog”, “Young, Dumb & Ugly”, “Velvet Elvis”, “I’ll Sue Ya”). He captures the band’s sound so well.

I really like his new song “Skipper Dan” and it’s been stuck in my head for…days. The “backside of water” joke is classic.

<--------- total Disneygeek

White and Nerdy is OK, but too many others are not.


Do you have any examples in mind? I’m not as familiar with his last two albums as I am with all those previous, but I always thought Weird Al deliberately attempted to be family friendly.

The Saga Begins (the story of Star Wars episode 1, the one with Anakin as a little kid, to the tune of American Pie) was amazing!

That’s my favorite–he managed to sum up the entire plot of the movie to the tune of American Pie.

Trapped in the Drive-Thru reminds me of my first marriage. :blush:

Eh…I probably wouldn’t let my future kids hear “Jerry Springer” for a while. But that’s the only one I can think of. Although it doesn’t paint Springer in a positive light it’s still a parody about the garbage you see on his show.

It really depends on what you define as “family friendly” and what for what ages you feel “family friendly” entertainment should cater to. Sure his lyrics aren’t hateful or pornographic. But he does use potty humor and excessive cartoon violence (dismemberment shows up a lot). I probably wouldn’t take a 5 year old to a Weird Al concert but I’d definately take kids who are old enough to understand his music was never meant to be taken seriously.

I don’t think he’s any worse now than he was in “Bad Hair Day” and “Running With Scissors” (which contained the aforementioned “Jerry Springer”)

Indeed. Potty humor has long been a Weird Al staple. Even back in the 80’s he would utilize farting and burping noises liberally. :slight_smile:

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