Wierd Situation

I was ambushed today by a couple of wierd “Christians” at Walmart. They were trying to convince me that there should be some type of Christian Passover rather than the Eucharist using passages from the Bible. They made absolutely no sense at all. Luckily, my parents and I were able to get out of there before they tried to say even more! I just brushed them off, and when they asked me if I might be open to attending one of their “Passover” things, I was just polite and said “I don’t know.”

Do you think I handled this correctly?

Couldn’t have done it better.



I think you handled it well.

You most certainly did.:thumbsup:

A Christian Passover. That’s interesting.

I don’t always think that we expect a situation like this to happen while we are trying to shop.

I am sure that you did just fine.

My husband and I had someone approach us in the grocery store, too, awhile ago. The woman was very polite, and she wanted to have a very serious discussion about Heaven and Jesus.

She had approached us over by the meat counter and had said, “Excuse me…” I thought that maybe she had a question about the meat section, finding something in the store, etc. I had answered all of her questions. She had a brochure in her hand and I think it was for a church in our area. After I had talked to her and answered her questions, she left.

A better response would have been, “No. Thank you.”. Telling them that you don’t know leaves the door open for them to keep bugging you to go. I hope you didn’t give them any personal information; they sound rather aggressive.

It went OK.

Seems to me that we already have this in the Mass…The Eucharist IS our “Passover”.
We have passed over from the old to the new. AND . . It is based on “bible passages”.

What more could we ask for?



Yeah, I was trying to tell them that I was Catholic and believed in the Mass and the Eucharist as the Body and Blood of Christ. I said that we had the new Christian rituals and didn’t need those Old Testament practices anymore. They just kept coming back with other stuff.

And to Catholic1954, no, I made sure not to give them any information but my first name!

Thanks for all the replies, I was just a little nervous if I handled the situation correctly, but I guess I did okay! God bless!

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