Wife has Returned!


Blessed be this day, for my wife has returned to the Catholic Faith. Right now I can’t go into the “how” of the story, I will just say that after 4 years of “searching” and “exploring” other things such as Wicca, she’s finally, with a deep emotion and surprisingly bright shining Faith has come back home. She went to confession today, Ash Wednsday and poured her heart out to the preist. Please pray for her to grow in her faith :slight_smile:


The angels rejoice over this wonderful gift of God’s Mercy!


that is fantastic – very happy for you and mrs…you are in our prayers!


Fantastic! Welcome Home.



Great! Praise be to God…:slight_smile:


It’s great! Praise the Lord!!


Blessed be God!
Blessed be his Holy Name!

What a wonderful way to start Lent!


Warmest congratulations for this wonderful gift from God.

Thank You merciful God for this wonderful grace you have given to our brother’s wife, and to him!



I’m praying for you all:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Oh, Praise God! I’m so happy for you both! What an especially JOYOUS Easter this will be for you! :extrahappy:

God bless!


Wonderful news!!! Thanks be to God!!!


I am in tears, I am so happy for you both!! HOW GOOD GOD IS TO US! You must be speachless with gratitude!

I know how joyful I feel when my fiance even asks to pray together…I can only imagine how you feel.

I will pray for her continued growth and for your marriage.



Thanks be to God! so wonderful!~


Lol, :slight_smile: Yes, it’s . . . amazing. And so strange. i feel completely blown away, like a pile of ashes, lol. She all of a sudden is shining SO BRIGHT in the faith, beyond myself. My faith actually has been pretty low lately. I still believe of course, I just don’t have that inspiring feeling. i hope it returns. My wife getting her faith back certainly helps.

Thank you all for the warm gracious comments and God bless you all!!


Ah it’s a time for the angels to rejoice and celebration! :slight_smile: Deo gratias! Deo gratias! Alleliuia! Alleliuia! Alleliuia!


Only here…in the warmth of Catholicism, of Christ and His Church, do I feel completely at home.

It’s nice to be on this forum and witness the joy of our faith.

Continued prayers going out to your wife and you!


That is wonderful news :extrahappy: I will hold you both in my prayers.


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