Wife is ok with me using condoms

Talk to your Priest and listen to what he tells you.

Yeah, but there’s always a chance he’ll hear something that will maybe lead to a misunderstanding.

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You cant use condoms. Period. To do so would put your soul in mortal danger.


Priests don’t have the authority to give people permission to commit a sin.


Others on this site have guided that if the spouse is for ABC then it would not be a sin for the one who does not approve. IM NOT LOOKING FOR PERMISSION JUST LOOKING FOR CLARIFICATION BEFORE I DO SOMETHING THAT IS MORALLY WRONG!

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Talk to Father.


Those users are wrong. ABC is intrinsically evil, which means there is no circumstance where it is acceptable to use to prevent pregnancy.



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Could you respond to this please?


You’ve misunderstood.

The Vademecum for Confessors guides priests hearing confessions of the NON-contracepting spouse who has a spouse contracepting against their will. The NON-contracepting spouse may not be culpable for the sin of the contracepting spouse and may engage in intercourse in some situations.


You present an entirely different situation. Your wife wants YOU to contracept. In which case, if you did, you would NOT be an innocent/passive party to the contraception.


God bless you for your desire to do what is right in the sight of God.


From the Vademecum for Confessors:

  1. Special difficulties are presented by cases of cooperation in the sin of a spouse who voluntarily renders the unitive act infecund. In the first place, it is necessary to distinguish cooperation in the proper sense, from violence or unjust imposition on the part of one of the spouses, which the other spouse in fact cannot resist. This cooperation can be licit when the three following conditions are jointly met:

when the action of the cooperating spouse is not already illicit in itself;

when proportionally grave reasons exist for cooperating in the sin of the other spouse;

when one is seeking to help the other spouse to desist from such conduct (patiently, with prayer, charity and dialogue; although not necessarily in that moment, nor on every single occasion).

  1. Furthermore, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the question of cooperation in evil when recourse is made to means which can have an abortifacient effect.

It doesn’t matter what your wife is ok with. If you are devout practicing Catholic man it’s what God thinks not what your wife is ok with. If you KNOWINGLY choose to use contraception then it’s on you and your soul not your wife’s.


Oh, good grief. That’s not at all what I meant.

  1. I made the comment that the OP appeared to be looking for permission. I have since been corrected on that.
  2. I told OP to talk to a priest.

I did not imply that a priest would grant permission. And furthermore, we all know that there are clergy who don’t always get it right. Hence, the 1%. :no_mouth:


I apologize.

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Alrighty then.


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What your wife feel is sin or not doesn´t matter. The magisterium of our Church declares what is sin or not. We don´t have the authority to say that something the Church says is a sin, is not a sin.

Humane Vitae is very clear that all use of contraception is sinful no matter reason. However, I´d recommend you to discuss this with your priest.

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Natural family planning is fertility information. I was so happy to find out that nfp existed so I could know when I ovulated and when my period was due. With periods that were irregular due to stress or whatever, it was a welcome piece of information. I feel as though every female teenager should have this information instead of pills pushed on them. It’s basic biology that is totally ignored, for what reason, who knows. I should have learned this in high school.

I’m just posting this for the readers of this thread. Too bad your wife won’t consider learning this.


This post of mine is relevant to this situation.

As always, talk to a Priest.

Your wife can use contraception, and at would not be sinful for you, necessarily. Check with your priest. You don’t mention if your wife is Catholic it not.

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