Wife of Deacon Has Intestinal Cancer

Brothers and Sisters in the Lord:

It was with great sorrow last week that I learned that Elizabeth, the wife of an Anglican Deacon, has a large cancer in her lower intestines which may have metastasized.

Please pray fervently for Elizabeth and her family, including her several children.

Thank you for your prayers on her behalf.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael

You got it :goray2:

Lily, Thank you, Michael

Anything I can do to help, Michael :tiphat:


Brothers and Sisters:

An Update - the priest and Deacon Eric have told me that they are having a heck of a time the treatment for Eric’s wife, BARBARA (I’m sorry - I misremembered the name). Deacon Eric, Barbara and their family belong to an HMO, and it’s dragging its feet.

Please pray that someone with both a heart and a brain sees Barbara’s file and expedites the needed treatment, or that the Lord takes this out of the HMO’s apathetic and uncaring hands and heals this very ill woman before she dies and her 4 children become orphans and her husband becomes a widow before turning 45.

Thank you.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael

Brothers & Sisters:

New update for those praying for Barbara who has Intestinal Cancer.

Barbara is now undergoing 3rd Round of Chemotherapy - First the good news… Barbara’s Cancer Cell Count is down from a high of 590 before she began treatment to a low of 90, which is much better than where her oncologist had hoped.

Now the bad news… Because of the Chemotherapy, Barbara’s White Blood Cell Count is down so low that she can’t go to Church or to other large crowds where she is likely to come in contact with various viruses and bacteria.

I hope this helps those who are praying for Barbara o pray intelligently. Pleace, continue to pray for Barbara, so that God may be glorified by her healing and those who doubt may come to faith.

Thank you, and may God bless you.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael

Well, can’t vouch for my praying intelligently for Barbara, but I’ll certainly pray earnestly :wink:

Micheal, I went through 14 weeks of chemo with bad reactions. My HCG count was over 300,000 and considered late stage 3. Even after chemo my count stayed at 11 for a while , then right before I was to start high dose chemo with transplant, it went normal by itself. It has been 3 1/2 years since my counts went normal and my scans show no change (scar tissue). God has spared me and brought me back to Himself, despite how aweful of a sinner I was. We have a loving and merciful God. Tell Barbara to hang in there, to remember God’s mercy and that we are praying for her. May God show His glory in healing this sick woman. Tim

Tim & Lily:

Thank you for your thoughts & prayers.

I’ll keep you informed of any changes.

YBIC, Michael

Updates on Barbara can be gotten here:


There is also a means there to contact her & let her know you care.

Thank you, and may all of you have a Blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter.

YBIC, Michael

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