Wife of Iraqi War Veteran Deported



This doesn’t do anything to MAGA.

His service means nothing?


YES, fake news reporting does nothing to MAGA

Pity the writer didn’t explore her application as a spouse, to become legal.

That he was in the reserve is irrelevant.
We already support the right of spouses to become citizens,
Trump hasn’t changed that


So she wasn’t deported?

So this Mom could have had legal status all along, but chose to live here illegally?

Maybe, when someone says “bad hombres” they mean mothers and wives.


Wouldn’t a competent reporter have explained why she wasn’t getting a green card as a spouse?


From the article, I got the impression that the first or second time she was caught being in the US illegally, rather than spend 6 months in jail, she signed paperwork saying she’d never be able to get permanent residency or a green card. Then left, and returned illegally again.


Perhaps you could be so kinda as to quote this text, which I seem to be missing in the article.


It also looks like she and her husband understood the risk and accepted it. They knew this was a possibility but pressed on anyway.


Not the case here, but military men stationed abroad are frequently used as a vehicle to get sex workers into the country. Sometimes they are complicit and sometimes they are taken advantage of.

I recall visiting the US Embassy in Korea where I observed a young army man trying to get his new bride her passport. He didn’t speak a word of Korean and she didn’t understand any English. They had brought a third party with them to be translator, it was both sad and comical to watch.


This has been a continuous issue with this woman for twenty (20) years.


Being a veteran doesn’t give one the right to ignore the law. In fact veterans should hold themselves to higher standards. If he respected our laws he would not have married her.


FAKE NEWS relies upon appeal to emotion rather than presenting the facts.


What law did he disrespect in marrying her


Isn’t it common practice to marry someone with whom you can legally unify and create a family unit?

If I marry someone who is already married, do I really deserve sympathy when the law sees it as invalid

Read for comprehension please, I was broad in my statement

Clearly this man couldn’t immediately create a family unit legally residing in the USA, yet he married with this full knowledge. He obviously had the option to move with his spouse to where they could both legally reside. Many couples accept the reality of their circumstances and make such a move.

Did he accept that he might need to move to Mexico, or was he assuming the legal issues could be overcome? I called the article FAKE NEWS expressly because they didn’t detail why he wasn’t able to obtain a spousal visa.


What law prohibited their marriage? What law prohibits them from being a family?


I expect he can move to mexico, do you think he considered that before marriage?

He could also have married with the intention of having two households, many people chose that option when they are both not legal residents of the same country. They accept the situation and then work to resolve the immigration issues, where it is possible.

I never said they were prohibited from marriage but clearly they knew they were not able to marry and immediately form a legal single household (family unit) in the USA.


Actually how can they legally marry if the other person isn’t a citizen, doesn’t have a visa, has been specifically removed from this country and is here illegally? You need a license from the state to marry. I wouldn’t doubt if fraud was committed in obtaining the license.


Let’s add some more to the story, it’s a great game…


When the reporters don’t do their job then we have to ask questions. This wasn’t reporting a story but making an emotional appeal.


Two people from different countries can marry.

What fraud? They were living as husband and wife and had kids.


Lots of people marry other people from different countries daily.

This didn’t need to be done.

But a family is ripped up.

Yay! So much MAGA.

How many resources were dedicated to deporting a mom?

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