Wife seems to want a divorce


You don’t lose the Sacraments by being divorced if you remain single and chaste. The problem would be if you were to enter into a new relationship.

I’m sorry to hear that your wife isn’t willing to work on the relationship. One thing you said, when she told you that you can’t make her happy. She was right about that. No one can make another person happy. She has to be happy herself. Sounds like she is unhappy and rather than choosing to remain in the relationship, she is abandoning it.

I will keep you in my prayers.


Well, thanks for all the prayers. She told me today that there was no hope - we’ll keep things together through the holidays and then an amicable divorce using a mediator/lawyer. Then I guess I’ll start on an annulment.


*Oh gosh, that is tough. I was there! :o I wanted a divorce several years ago, and while the marriage needed some work, it was really more me. I had to learn how to be a wife, and what marriage really meant. That it’s not all a honeymoon phase, it does take sacrifice, and hard work. I also had to grieve the deaths of my parents (they died when I was a kid) Oddly, once I commited to working on my own issues, my marriage really grew! I wish I could talk to your wife, I would tell her this–because it takes time to learn the ‘real reasons’ as to why we’re not happy. It takes prayers, and hard work. I will pray that she does commit to that with you, because not only will her marriage be saved, but she will emerge a happier and more peaceful human being. Praying for you, there and back! *


So sorry!


There and Back,

So sorry to hear of your situation! Many are praying for you and your wife. No matter what happens, you both need to do this first: helpourmarriage.com/ It is ONE weekend out of your life (and some follow-up meetings).

Have your wife call: 1-800-470-2230



Every children deserves to be born into a home where they are wanted for themselves not to try and shore up a marriage.

Imagine the load on a child to be told we had you to try and shore up our marriage and it didn’t work. Who would they blame? Themselves not the instigator(s).

Plus there are all the other aspects - who would stay at home, financial etc that would have to decided - adding more pressure to the marriage wouldn’t help.


I missed this post the other day…I’m sorry!! Maybe you will have a Christmas miracle. God works in awesome ways…I’ll be praying that your marriage can be saved. :gopray:



“Seriously!!!” I hope that is just a BAD joke. Adding another child to an already troubled marriage is asking for gasoline to throw on the fire!


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