Wife Wants Divorce - Please Pray For Us



My wife just informed me she wants a divorce. I am devastated, of course. I have not been perfect in the marriage; I’ve done my share of stupid, immature, and shameful things (no cheating or anything like that, though). I’m simply asking all of you to pray for my wife and I that she will change her mind and that we can save our marriage.

Wife Wants Divorce - Seattle assistance?

I’m so sorry. Of course I will pray for you.


Also, please ask as many people as you can to pray for us as well. Things have not been good for quite a while and she finally said she wanted a divorce. She has done plenty of things wrong too. We’ve gone to counseling before without much result. Please…I need all of the help I can get here.

Wife Wants Divorce - Seattle assistance?

You’re in my prayers.


mommyof4…thank you so much. It put a lump in my throat to see your response so quickly. I have to leave soon for 3 days so I won’t be able to check this thread. Please don’t think that I’m ignoring any replies that come in between now and then.


Gottcha - have a good, safe trip.


If you go to www.masstimes.org and check out Seattle area churches, someone there may be able to put you in touch with a good counselor. Just a thought.


Catholic Charities?


Most merciful Father, I ask you with all humility to pour forth your blessings upon my brother in Christ. Help him and help his wife find a way to work through the difficulties they face. I ask for the intercession of St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary that they pray for the healing of this marriage. All of this I ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


Prayers are on the way.


Seattle checking in here! Going to my sources and will get back to you in a day or two! Praying for you in the meantime.


Have someone in mind - Christian (not Catholic). Getting info and will PM.


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Oh my goodness. I have a lump in my throat and I can’t hold back the tears. I feel for you. I will say prayers for you. I will ask Mary that she place you in God’s hands and also ask her to ask her Son for His many Graces for both of you. :gopray2:


Very Sorry to hear that, I will keep you both in my prayers.


So sorry Praying for you here also:gopray2:



Have you heard of Retrovaulle? (sp?) I am no expert on this program, but I personally know someone whose marriage was saved and revived by it. It is designed for husbands and wives who are ready to call it quits.


okay, try this link. It will take you to the Retrovaille dates in Seattle. First one is April 20th. Please prayerfully consider sharing this information with your wife. By the way, there may be one that starts sooner that would take some driving (if 4/20 is too far away).

retrouvaille.org/dates.php (This doesn’t seem to take you where I was, but see below)




Community Information

**Community Name: Seattle, Wa - Retrouvaille of Seattle
Language: English
Catholic_ncm: Catholic
Questions via Email: 6027@retrouvaille.org
Contact: Dan & Mary WASELL
Questions via Phone: (206) 361-3745 **

Vision Statement

A Beacon Of Hope For A World Accepting Despair

The unchallenged acceptance of divorce has infected our world with hopelessness, but we believe that every marriage deserves the opportunity to survive, be healed and thrive as a covenant of life and love. Retrouvaille is the place where we, as hurting couples, found hope and so we are passionately committed to dramatically increasing the number of couples served in both new and existing communities worldwide.

Mission Statement

Retrouvaille is an International community of disciples committed to the continued healing of their marriages and, empowered by the Holy Spirit, sharing their stories, talents and gifts to promote and spread the healing ministry of Retrouvaille.

Patron Saint

The Patron Saint of Retrouvaille is St. Joseph


Retrouvaille began in 1977 as a French language weekend for hurting marriages in the province of Quebec, Canada. It was adapted to English by the community in Toronto, who also revised and strengthened the contents of the weekend and developed the post-weekend programs. From 1982, Retrouvaille has spread through the U.S.A., South America and from 1991 into many other countries around the world.

Read the Full History

The Goals of Retrouvaille

The primary goal is to provide help for couples who live in the disappointment and pain of a marriage problems. The weekend provides a safe setting encouraging couples to learn communication in marriage in a respectful manner. The post-weekend phase of the Retrouvaille program is as critical to a couple experiencing marital problems as the initial weekend experience. The degree of disappointment, deterioration and despair in hurting marriages cannot be healed in one weekend. Restoration takes time. The post-weekend sessions provide support as couples discuss concepts of the importance of communication in marriage, intimacy, and many other topics. Today’s unchallenged acceptance of divorce suggests that many friends, families, church communities are providing only limited support for marriages. Retrouvaille is a program that is solely dedicated to providing the necessary support to help save marriages.

The Programs Leaders

A team of three couples and a priest or three couples and a Christian minister & spouse for Christian Multi-Denominational (CMD) weekends present the Retrouvaille weekend. The presenting couples have grown through serious disillusionment, pain and conflict in their own relationships. These couples offer hope as they share their personal stories of struggle, reconciliation and healing. The team couples share the deep and personal hurts they have experienced. This helps participants find the courage to express some of their own pain with their spouse in a safe and private place. In sharing their values and insights, team couples offer a message different from society’s model of independence and selfishness. Hurting couples are invited to see how listening, communication, conflict management and forgiveness are healthy tools for building a stable relationship.

Retrouvaille Logo

The logo indicates the “Lifeline” that is given to marriages, via Retrouvaille, to be healed through the Paschal Mystery of Christ’s Death and Resurrection.

Or call 1-800-470-2230 in the United States


Wow, I had no idea that something like this existed for Catholic couples. Wow! I did read that you don’t have to be Catholic to attend. That is great for any Christian or even athiest or agnostics to attend. This is encouraging. But how many people of other faiths actually attend this? I guess they have some huh?

I just went to the home page. retrouvaille.org/

SiriusX, I’m still praying. :gopray2: I wish we knew your name. But that’s okay, God knows who you are. :wink: I would just like to add your first name to the list I have of people for whom I need to pray.


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