Wiki article could use some help

There’s this article on Wikipedia that I ran across.

It has to do with the history of Christian thought on persecution and tolerance. It really needs a lot of work in a lot of areas, and it’s currently rather unbalanced in a moderately anti-Catholic direction.

Now, for me personally, there’s one particular thing that I would like to see. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see a section on the Protestant theory of persecution and some of the key events that led to a Protestant advocacy for toleration. What I would very much like to see is a section on Catholic advocacy for toleration, focusing on the time period between Trent and Vatican II, moving fairly sequentially between the notable Catholic events that led to greater tolerance and freedom of religion. My personal preference would allow for the inclusion of Catholics who tried to make that happen but weren’t able to, but realistically Wikipedia editing patterns are probably going to nix that due to insufficient significance. My best guess would be that advocating for tolerance is not going to be sufficiently significant, and you’ll probably have to limit inclusion to events that actually did lead to greater tolerance and freedom.

Edit- although…if for example a Catholic philosopher was unsuccessful in changing the policies of either Church or State but CAN be cited in multiple reputable sources as being a key influence in academia or on a certain school of thought, that could work out just fine.

As of right now, the extent of the Catholic material during this time period is an overly-generalized, non-specific sentence or two about Spain in the 20th century (which needs to either be completely reworked or scrapped) and then Vatican II, Dignitatis Humanae, and here we are. There really needs to be a lot more, and this appears to be an article that’s mostly fallen by the wayside for quite some time.

I suspect, however, that there are a fair number of well-researched people here that would be able to create a new section or fix an existing one. If anyone else is interested, I have my personal preference for something that I’d especially like to see, but there’s really any number of things that need to be done there.

If anyone’s interested, informed, and fairly experienced with Wikipedia editing policies, I’d love it if you could be active on this thread, even if you don’t want to edit the actual thing very much. If anyone else is well-informed, has an interest in the topic, and has access to good sources but not very much experience with Wiki editing, I’m hoping that someone from that first group of people is available to give you a hand.

And if anyone else knows about a much better encyclopedic entry that doesn’t need a ton of work, that would be very nice to look at as well. I hope this goes somewhere though.

Please be informed of the Wikipedia policy against meatpuppetry, that is, coordinating editing activity somewhere off Wikipedia, usually for the object of pushing a point-of-view or agenda.

I have done some studying, and for the sake of the eucharist feel for change off the intention of being with the church of England and other than the Catholic way of tolerance which is abstaining from and causing internal problems by self doubt and FREE WILL, whats that, telling Jes_ us or the spir_it to follow you and then pick up the pieces if and when, BLAH, BLAH, BLA

That is an excellent point, I had forgotten about that rule and I think I may be rather close to a line. However, in my defense, I am not asking someone else to support my position, and the page in question is currently unbalanced toward certain viewpoints, specifically points of view that are rather opposed to yours. It would be quite different if I were a Catholic coming to other Catholics, or if the existing page was neutral and I was seeking to make it biased. But I am not a Catholic, and the existing page is biased already- and not in your favor.

I should probably look into this in a bit more detail, but I do think that a couple of important circumstances are not matching up with the rules that prohibit meatpuppetry.

Ok, so without necessarily making any Wiki edits, would anyone like to contribute some names and dates involving faithful, orthodox Catholics who made meaningful contributions to the cause of tolerance and religious freedom sometime between Trent and Vatican II?

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