WikiLeaks, Clinton campaign in Twitter war over latest leaks


Hillary Clinton’s campaign opened a nasty Twitter war with WikiLeaks late Monday amid the leak of campaign chairman John Podesta’s purported emails, with spokesman Brian Fallon accusing the group of being a “propaganda arm” for Moscow and WikiLeaks firing back with a battery of counter-charges – and another document dump.


This election is nothing but drama. And from experience, drama usually results in nothing good


What about all the media in the U.S. being a propaganda arm for the Clinton campaign!


Oh, it’s in there:

Clinton Campaign Boasts About Media: ‘Every Single Interviewer Was for Her’


I have been posting here for a while now about the media bias and being part of the Clinton campaign. Hillary supporters said it was not true, said Trump was being immature , constantly throwing Fox News at us as bias, and on and on. Not one of these people will apologise to any of us now that the evidence shows we were right!!!


There is collusion between the White House, multiple media outlets to see that Hillary Clinton wins. Perhaps a few Republicans are on board too.

This election is very unfair. What is to be done to change this? One side bullies their way in.


As long as voters want to remain willfully ignorant, nothing will change.


That’s just the thing. I don’t think there is willful ignorance when people only get their news from the mainstream media. Its social conditioning.


There are on-going revelations of the relationships between Clinton, Obama and the media people.

Some people are even shocked … shocked, I tell you … to learn about the relationships.

And that’s nothing … check out the Mezvinsky familia.


7 biggest revelations from WikiLeaks release of Podesta emails


Clinton’s remarks on trade leaked in paid speeches. Worse than Bernie ever imagined.


Just a bunch of numbers being thrown out.

Methinks if they wanted to make it effective they would pick out two or three and ask Hillary to explain them.

After a while the public gets desensitized to their contents and their votes won’t change.


I agree. The sheer volume almost makes one’s eyes gloss over. Better to cherry pick a few where you think she the most vulnerable, though even I am surprised they had this much disdain for so many different groups of people. Except Russia.


If it is true that the information released in these emails and documents will not cause some to change their votes should be of great concern. so Americans approve of this corrupt and unethical behavior?


If they agree with the political end, they’re okay with (or at least tolerant of) the unethical behavior.


Shocking that in topics about Trump scandals, you have Trump supporters, Hillary supporters, and neither’s supporters chiming in. In topics about Hillary’s scandals, you have almost nothing but Trump supporters, other than the occasional poster who pops in without addressing the specifics and saying something to the effect of “Hillary has the highest integrity ever,” which is perceived as just trolling anyway and is best ignored.

I wonder why the disparity here on this board?


It vital to recognize the importance of the revelations contained in Wikileaks.

Right now, the sex accusations seem to be blocking information of substance.


**Undercover video shows Democrat operatives admitting they incited violence at Trump rallies


Some wild internet rumors out there at the moment, including the strangest one, that actress Pamela Anderson may have murdered Julian Assange. Time Magazine has actually mentioned that rumor., as well as major releases coming out on John Kerry and one on Hillary I won’t mention.


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