WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: 'No proof' Russian intelligence responsible for DNC hack


Not surprisingly, trump has the best response: Russia, if you are listening, please show us the 30,000 hillary emails we are missing. I’m sure you will be rewarded by our grateful media. LOL.


Who will Hilary’s hacked emails be of most value to, and then follow that trail…:slight_smile:


I question why would pressure on Russia do anything at this point though?

Whatever has been gotten is in the hands of Julian Assange. The Russians could shut down their entire electrical grid and it wouldn’t impact Assange’s distribution of previously gotten materials.

To me, Russia is a distraction and irrelevant to the specific discussion. Relevant perhaps to the broader cyber-security discussion, but the emails and whatnot are already extracted from Russian hands.


It isn’t really hacking if you leave your classified emails on an unsecured, illegal storage unit.

The same way it isn’t mugging if you fall asleep in the middle of an alley and someone walks up and slides your wallet out of your pocket.


And the FBI told the DNC of it. What did the DNC do? Nothing.


Quite true!

So, why Russia’s being involved as a smokescreen, in addition to being accused of cyber warfare, is hilarious!


The best hackers in Russia are usually affiliated with the government. Unofficially.

It is a “cui prodest” question. It is the Russian government who benefits from the release of the emails. They want Trump to win, because Trump is an isolationist who would not help either Ukraine or even the Nato allies against the Russian aggression.


It is truly amusing that the Democrats are accusing the Russians of trying to manipulate the election by releasing evidence that the Democratic Party was trying to manipulate the election.


How do you think Russia feels if they are not behind the hacking? They are accused without evidence.


I don’t know. I just don’t think the Kremlin would hack into DNC emails and then release them to the press. If they were found to have done that, then they would open themselves to the US openly interfering in their elections as well. That doesn’t sound like something they would do. They aren’t that dumb.


What is scary is they may have hacked Hillary’s emails and use them to blackmail her.


Maybe. I am sure many in DC are afraid of being hacked and blackmailed. As well as many in industry, including Trump I suppose.


Speaking as a former Soviet analyst, I have to agree. Openly releasing information obtained thru hacking just doesn’t compute. Using it in back channels to influence policy decisions is much more the Soviet --> Russian style. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that I am.


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