WikiLeaks Servers under attack


From RT.

Lots of WikiLeaks being released.


guess they are worried of damaging info about Hillaryccoming out ahead of the election tomorrow.


Tell the truth or eventually someone will tell it for you .

No doubt there is more to come and it won’t be suppressed.


**Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections


You know,I would love to hear back from all the enthusiastic HC supporters,who buy into the liberal progressive agenda,after we have all had it forced down our throats.Say maybe in a year or two,once reality has settled in.Hmmm,by then it will be too late. George Soros is truly deplorable.Everything evil going down in the Nation has his fingerprints all over it. :mad:




Reality? HRC’s defenders know nothing of reality. Everything is vast right wing conspiracy. It’s really scary and sad.


There is some kind of weird irony here…


What is the irony?:confused:


Someone claims that “everything evil going down in the nation has [Soros’] fingerprints all over it,” and someone else claims that HRC’s defenders see a “vast right wing conspiracy” in everything. Sure they’re the only ones seeing vast conspiracies everywhere?


Vast right wing conspiracy was from the 90’s- that was Hillary’s big scapegoat then.
Like Obama blamed Bush and Hillary blames Russia now. Since the 90’s and with
the candidacy of Obama we learned of George Soros George Soros is very real. There is no irony.


In the case of seeing GS as a driving force behind the continued erosion of our Constitutional freedoms,stagnant economy,this is a fact,well documented.
Re the tight wing conspiracy ,coming from the left,that sadly is a knee jerk reaction to the aforementioned realities that they ,the left refuse to see.


A vast right wing conspiracy is a ridiculous notion but a vast left wing conspiracy makes total sense…


We have documented proof about the behaviors of the left now. Conspiracy confirmed!


The media, local and national elections, the stock market – all rigged according to some here. This election cycle has done some terrifically terrifying things to our nation.


GS is a figment of the right’s imagination.Do some research on him.


The fact that the Feds have kept interest rates at a historically low rate for years is an effort to artificially prop up our stagnant economy,which under Obama has stayed well under three percent.Historically that is unheard of. The stock market is being propped up.If HC gets in,our e onomy is n for a reality check.Just because Obama keeps selling his line that the economy is great,moving right along,unemployment is way down,blah blah blah,doesn’t make it true.Pretty soon we will be told two plus two is five!:eek:


Did you mean George Soros is NOT a figment…


This election cycle and Wikileaks have revealed a lot about the democrat party and the media!



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