Wilfrid Laurier University president says universities need to protect 'better' speech


George Orwell called it doublespeak. These leftist ‘academics’ at our public universities seriously fail to understand what they are for.

As a footnote, Jordan Peterson spoke in Kitchener, Ont., on July 22, back as we might say, to the scene of the thought-crime. No buildings levitated, no trauma teams were needed or called, lightning did not spike the night sky, security teams spent the length of his lecture playing cribbage, and the “humanity” of all present, I may report, was left unimpaired, and in many cases quite enhanced. Free speech is not better speech. It is the best speech.

I don’t agree with Jordan Peterson or Richard Dawkins or Germaine Greer on a number of things but the fact they are being censored (or attempts) by public universities and young Stalinists should concern us. I thought the West was a liberal democracy.


Amusing in a sense, it bears out the observation that last generations radical tend to be the current one’s conservatives. I can remember when Greer in particular was perceived as a firebrand. I strongly believe the model of university education should be to encourage debate, however form what I have seen sadly much of it seems to be geared to encourage supposedly free debate. So long as you don’t challenge the current paradigms too much.


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