Will a priest be able to solemnize a marriage between a human being and God?

That is to say, a human being announces that he or she shall marry God legally and gains a marriage license, assuming that God is the spouse-to-be of the human being. Is it possible? Will a priest be able to solemnize a marriage between a human being and God? Can God marry multiple spouses? How will such a ceremony be conducted? How will God show His presence in the sanctuary? Will God show His presence in the wafers? Will He show his presence by the sunlight from the heavens?

I don’t think the state will ever give a marriage license to marry God. If one wants to “marry God” one would probably join a religious order, which the state has nothing to do with.

No, what you describe is not possible.

However, the Church and each individual believer is considered betrothed to Christ, preparing for the union of the bridegroom (Christ) and the bride (us). This allegorical language appears often in the Bible and the writings of the saints in describing the closeness of the union to God, to which we are all called.

More specifically, this language may be applied to religious who consecrate their lives to the service of Christ, including taking a vow of celibacy. The term “bride of Christ” has often been applied to nuns.

But importantly, the language is allegorical/symbolic. It describes the relationship in a way that we humans will understand well. But the union with God is not marriage itself. It far exceeds it and the description of marriage is nothing more than the best likeness that we may understand of it, before we actually experience it.

So, is remaining single and celibate as a nun better than being married? :slight_smile:

It’s certainly better for any individual who is called to that vocation.

Is it better per se? Some would say it is and the Church has certainly used some strong lanuage to indicate this (eg: “objectively superior”).

But if you are called to marriage, it is a good vocation too…

He already does: we call it “First Holy Communion.” :wink:

OH, that’s not what you meant - ooooh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Consecrated Perpetual Virgins under Solemn Vows are, for all practical purposes, married to God.

Their consecration is more akin to Ordination than a wedding in form, but they also wear a ring, identical to a wedding ring.

newadvent.org/cathen/15458a.htm has excellent information on the traditional process…

Only if God were willing to come down and sign the marriage license…

Celibacy, including lay celibacy, is superior to marriage.

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