Will America become socialist now that Biden has basically won?

That’s right. I have no expertise in climate science. I do understand mathematics and correlation though. But if you insist on my abandoning my understanding of mathematics, and arguing on authority in this case, I can do that too. Dr. Shiva no doubt is an authority. His competence is not being questioned at all. His honesty is. The fact is no other authorities are taking him seriously. Why is that? Is he the only competent analyst of election fraud? Why don’t other mathematicians take him seriously? Why don’t the courts take him seriously? Even on the basis of argument on authority, Dr. Shiva’s propaganda is dead.

Given that the full breakdown is only available to Platinum members, which I assume PJMedia likely is, I might ask if you are one and have confirmable evidence in your hands before you lob accusations of fakery.

There is, however, sound corroborating evidence in the article that you are wrong besides being incendiary.

Sixty-one percent (61%) of Republicans say it’s Very Likely the Democrats stole the election, but just as many Democrats (61%) say it’s Not At All Likely. Among unaffiliateds, 29% feel it’s a stolen election; 45% do not.

If 61% of Democrats think it not likely that the election was stolen, that leaves 39% who think it is likely or don’t know. The claim that 30% of the 39% think it is likely seems plausible.

I do know that you won’t attempt to actually uncover the facts before calling “fake news.”

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I do know that one should not call the PJ Media story any kind of news if it doesn’t make sense and no one else is reporting it. Given that PJ Media is a site for right-wing commentary, it is not at all surprising that they would misrepresent the data.

That’s a strange claim given that I have already cited Valentine, who designed fraud detection systems for eBay, that does agree with him and several of Dr Shiva’s associates at MIT including one with a specialty in election systems fraud is working with him.

But on this question we must trust you who are not biased in any way, clearly.

Okay, it doesn’t make sense to you. We get that.

No one else is reporting it probably because like everything else the MSM reports it isn’t supportive of their narrative and it is likely flagged or banned by social media.

Do keep digging.

That was not my preference. You were the one who wanted to abandon mathematical understanding and rely exclusively on authorities. I would be happy to go back to discussing the mathematics, which is really not that hard.

I do not see “MSM” as quite the slur you do. The MSM actually earned that first ‘M’.

I too get concerned about things that have been made up about my opponents. For example I think it’s important we stop Republicans from spreading white supremacy, forcing women back into the kitchen, banning every religion except Christianity and reverting civil rights for racial minorities to how they were pre-1950’s.

Now see you’re probably thinking it’s absurd to think that, aren’t you. You’re probably thinking that’s a ridiculous caricature of modern conservatives made from a hugely biased, extremely uncharitable position and intended to incite disdain towards conservatives by those inclined to believe it.

I wonder if you own a mirror.

I think more people than I’d want to imagine will simply conclude that the Democrats stole this election. They’ll repeat in like-minded company and go through the rest of their lives convinced it’s the truth even if nothing of substance is ever presented.

I guess as a test case, Georgia certified it’s results yesterday. So is that matter put to rest now?

Pope Benidict said the following http://www.vatican.va/content/benedict-xvi/en/speeches/2006/march/documents/hf_ben-xvi_spe_20060330_eu-parliamentarians

I assume the organization you refer to got their list from the above. EWTN also listed the following

If you are a Catholic why would yo disagree with anything on the list? It’s very straight forward.

Why would he want to attend a meeting full of whiners who just want to bash him? Instead he started Operation Warp Speed. It obviously worked since, as President Trump said, we have vacinees. Pfizer had a government contract for billions of dollars but yet they waited till after the election to annonce. It’s easy to see whose side they are on.

It’s ridiculous to say President Trump doesn’t care about this nation. He is a patriot who served without taking a salary. If you look objectively at his record he did more to raise the standard of living for the people of this nation than the egotistical Obama/Biden administration did, and that the Biden/Harris will do. I shutter to think what these two clowns are capable of. Thankfully we have a Republican Senate that will limit what they can do.

Then you will be the first to admit that correlation does not mean causation. It can be shown that global temperatures are increasing, but I have not seen any proof that humans are causing it. Even the tax payer subsidized liberal PBS has many documentaries that reveal there have been many warming and cooling periods in history before humans were industrialized or even existed. The sun, volcanic eruptions and other acts of nature cause swings in global temperatures.

This all results in terrible ideas like the Paris accords. In typical liberal fashion other countries want to bash the U.S. while letting comunist/socialist countries be exempt.

You should let climatologists know so they can adjust for that in their projections.

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Just look at this thread and you will see the usual leftist Catholics putting aside and even ignoring what the Church teaches because they want to be “good progresives” who fit in at the cocktail partys. They call themselves Catholic, but I suspect they do so reluctantly and may even be embarrassed to admit it.

They remind me of the Pharisees and Sadducees
In the bible who thought they were so clever in applying their knowledge of law to circumvent and trap Jesus.

“Projections” are just estimates and are only as good as the data they use. Garbage in garbage out. And when you are being paid a lot of money for certain results the data can be manipulated.

PBS and NPR are reflexively liberal. There isn’t even a an attempt to be fair and balanced. I resent that even one dime of my tax money supports them.

Maybe facts are not reflexively liberal or conservative. Sort of like math. And God. And nature. Just some random thoughts.

Also, maybe most of us aren’t totally one or the other.

When I follow that link my browser returns “403 Forbidden.”

I don’t disagree with anything on that list. I object that there aren’t more things on that list. No item of Catholic moral teaching is negotiable, so why list only a few items?

There are his own task force. If they are whiners, why did he appoint whiners? (And they are not whiners.)

He gave the thing people were doing anyway a cool name. That was the extent of Trump’s involvement. Although, I do have to hand it to him. It is a cool name!

Any President with the least bit of sense would have done the same thing (except maybe not with such a cool name). As for the correlation with the election timing, as you point out later, correlation does not imply causation. (Hoisted by your own petard?)

The salary is nothing compared to the money he made in his on-going businesses, which benefitted greatly from the prestige of his being President.

…all financed by running up the national debt. Trump has raised the national debt in four years more than any other four year period in history. Obama raised the debt too, but did it over 8 years at a slower rate. The biggest rise in the national debt was in his first four years when the nation was recovering from the housing market crash that started at the end of Bush II. So our grandchildren will be stuck paying for Trump’s “standard of living rise.”

Perhaps we could have lots of different scientists study the issue and publish their findings publicly so their methods, data and conclusions can be reviewed and critiqued. Then we could see if the body of evidence pointed strongly towards certain conclusions.

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I’d love to do a thought experiment and switch around the terms. Instead of Biden in the “lead” and all of the alleged voter fraud (dead people voting, more votes than voters, 134,946 ballots showing up after midnight which were 100% for Biden, poll watchers being shoved to 50 feet away, Dominion software being updated several days prior to the election and against the law, stopping voting and then starting up at 3am, and so on), with Trump.

Bdien is leading and in blue states and then Republicans tell Democratic poll watchers to go outside. Hundreds of thousands of Trump ballots “just show up”. Dead people voting for Trump.

It’s that people HATE Trump so much, they can justify this in their minds. And of course there has never been any proven voter fraud because all of the big tech companies are all Democrats and have blocked any information from reaching the voters that is anti-Biden. Of course, they are the experts, because tech companies call elections and have fully investigated the fraud where it happened and did the actual steps to review it???!!! Of course not. They use “fact-check” sites that fully support the Democrats. You think I’m going to believe the fox who is right outside the henhouse with 3 hens missing telling me he didn’t do it because he checked Google?


Part of the reason the health care system is a mess is because it is so federalized already, and that the lobbyists are all from big pharma who are pushing to make it so the laws benefit them. It’s crony capitalism and I hate crony capitalism. There are also so many regulations it is near impossible to do anything cheaply, while still maintaining some safety. I work in pharma, so I’m right there in front of it.

Stop tying health insurance to a job. Let people shop across state lines (bring competition)! Stop frivolous law suits. Tax credits for health savings account expansion and more options.

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What percent of US healthcare costs are due to frivilous lawsuits?
How will being able to buy across state lines increase competition and not just let the major insurers register in a single state with the most lax laws?
Don’t HSA’s already have triple-tax benefits?

It’s about values Freddy. Republicans, or at least their base, want to preserve America according to its founding principles and the Constitution. Democrats want to shred the constitution and turn this country into a globalist pet project for socialism. It would spell the end of this country.

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