Will atheism sustain him?

Christopher Hitchens, the author of God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything has throat cancer.



I am so afraid of that I wouldn’t wish it on anyone or say God is punishing anyone with it, not even him. I don’t even like to think about it. Only God knows the exact reason how and why things like that happen.

I’ll pray for his recovery nonetheless.

well wont he have some explaining to do in the next life, which it seems he will soon experience

I’ve heard about his illness, rather sad. I hope he pulls through, though it doesn’t seem likely.
However I highly doubt he’s concerned about what awaits him in the “next life” since, as an atheist, he thinks that this life is all there is. He may very well be right-then again, perhaps not. He won’t know for sure until he dies, in any event.

I read his book last winter…borrowed it, meant to buy it, haven’t got around to it. I do agree with some of his arguements, others I question. I think what annoys me a bit is the militant tone. I don’t see the point in that, as much as I don’t see the point of ramming religion down someone’s throat.

When I hear of these things I often wonder. I remember the deaths of Madeline O’Hara and her second son Jon. The deaths alone were tragic, then the facts of their lifes became even more disturbing. There are much worse things than the death of the body, thats for sure. Some things are better left unsaid.

Often in these most difficult moments of life many find Jesus Christ. I “PRAY” that would be the case. I have also seen people become more angry and more difficult to be around and find no-peace in the final hours. How the stubborness of ones own thinking will prevent and distract from Gods path, I find difficult to understand. Maybe its not for me to understand but only to learn from? And to pray for these Souls.

God Bless, GT


President of the American Athiest movement from 63-86. Also had a landmark case in Supreme court which was part of the reason Prayer in pubic schools is now prohibited.

The title of this thread is sort of like asking, “Will his not collecting stamps sustain him?”

Not collecting stamps isn’t something that has anything to do with “sustaining” people, just like not believing in gods (atheism) isn’t something that has anything to do with “sustaining” people.

I suspect that Hitchens will be sustained by his relationships with others and probably by the thought that he’ll have the subject material for at least one more good article.

Yes those should be some “very” interesting conversations considering his brother is a Christian and has a book out in opposition to his?

When I heard about this I didn’t think “God is punishing him” I thought “I wonder if he smoked”.

I dont’ think God is punishing him for his atheist ways, I mean, there are plenty of other God loving peopel out there who have cancer, if God is punishing an atheist with cancer, why is he dropping it on people who worship him?

Prayers for recovery for this man, and prayers that its such a miracle of God that this man converts (hopefully to Catholicism :D)

If Mr Hutchins is truly convicted in his atheism then I tend to agree with this assessment. He will not even consider the next life (which he does not believe in) and simply concentrate on this one. His family and friends will become his support structure during this difficult time.

Of course as time goes on that support structure will shrink and change, eventually becoming medical persons and a couple of very close and dear friends. Finally he will face the dark completely alone. What he will think, feel, learn, reach out to, or hope for in those last days/hours/moments is anyone’s guess.

May God have mercy on Him.


Not to derail the thread, but here is a little info about Madalyn Murray O’Hair - since you asked. :wink:

Madalyn Murray O’Hair

As for Mr. Hitchens - I pray for his conversion and his recovery.

I suppose it’s easy to be vindictive when he’s down, but for a man who thought God isn’t great, he hasn’t been very smart himself.

He’s was a heavy drinker and smoker for years, and I once heard a doctor doing research into cancer comment that a combination of heavy drinking and smoking greatly increases the chance of throat cancer (I think he stated it increased the odds about ten or twenty times). Apparently the alcohol dissolves protective linings in the throat, which then allows carcinogens in the cigarette smoke to do more damage.

As for God punishing him, he’s 61, and has a lifetime of settng himself up for throat cancer behind him. I’d say he’s brought it on himself, but then any of us can get cancer at any time.

And for all we know, he might recover.

What I do think is that he might find himself facing God much sooner than he didn’t expect.

Won’t all of us who have had the benefit of a Christian upbringing have “some explaining to do”?
I’m a lot more worried how God will judge me.

I’d also go easy on this being a punishment since I’ve known plenty of good Catholics who’ve suffered as bad or worse.

Let’s do pray that he survives his present troubles and sees the light before he dies.

Interesting title. I guess the mind sustains the body regardless no?

I think prayers are in order for his health and his soul.

Lord Jesus Christ, I now lift up to You Christopher Hitchens; I ask You for his physical healing, if it be Your will. I also ask that You would bestow upon him a great portion of Your grace and Your mercy, that he would receive a great epiphany concerning the truth of the spiritual realities regarding his immortal soul, and that in so receiving this gift, that he would devote his remaining time as Your ambassador, becoming such a fervent believer and follower of You, that his works for You will surpass his previous works against You.

Regardless of the outcome of his illness, O Lord, I still ask you to show him kindness and compassion, and to judge him with mercy and justice. Please be with him during this difficult time, and if it please you, open his eyes to Your love and the realities which he has so long denied. Forgive him his sins, Lord Jesus, and forgive us all for our sins as well, because we are fallen creatures and none of us are perfect.

I ask this of You, O Divine Savior, in Your Name, You Who reigns with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, One God, world without end, Amen.

that was very beautiful

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