Will Bishops Cave on Obamacare?

Will the Bishops use the Principle of Double Effect as an excuse to cave in on Obamacare? Or, will they continue to show the resolve they have shown in the past year and oppose it no matter what the costs?

They will dig their heels in deeper.O’s policies are evil,destructive,especially to Catholics,all Christians.:mad:

I don’t think the Bishops will cave.

The corrollary question is: Will the administration cave in its repression of the Church?
Probably not.

No, I do not think so. Church teaching on murder doesn’t change: culture and opinion does.

yep :thumbsup:

No, we have battle lines drawn and the the only reason Obama didn’t push it before the election is the get the foolish Catholic voters who did not care or pay attention.

Catacombs, any one?

I’m not sure what will happen in the US, honestly. The entire Church won’t change anything on account of us, I know that. 2 reasons.

1. You can’t change the Church’s opposition to abortion which has existed since Old Testament days. It’s very, very old. The Church has ALWAYS taught that abortion is wrong and that’s not going to change.

2. We are only 5% of the global church and Rome thinks Americans all nuts anyway, and who can blame them with the stuff we’ve done.

It’s really very complicated too, and this will roll out in stages. A lot of Catholics aren’t aware how many things the Church is involved in, and what is likely to happen with all of them. This is part of why the HHS mandate doesn’t make much sense to a lot of people.

Some of them are likely to be sold and keep the same names.
Some will close.
Not sure about some of them.

I do know that if the USCCB caves, it’s going to cause all kinds of trouble with credibility. Catholics may have real problems with the government if that happens. Give the government an inch and they’re going to take a mile.

I’m sure that this week in Baltimore they’re going to be talking a lot about this. Their meeting agenda has probably been changed dramatically after last week.


Woe to us if the Bishops do cave to Obama…

On the one hand, I don’t see how they can, after the things they said last year.

“We cannot — we will not — comply with this unjust law.” Cardinal George



On the other, I have no idea what they plan to do with it. And it will be complicated. It needs to be watched and our bishops need to know that we’re watching.

Indeed. Nothing surprises me these days.

Methinks many were rather lacking in addressing this issue in a more timely and a more requisite vigorous manner.

Approx. 50% of Catholics voted for the Rabidly Pro Abort President, Obama. Well over 70% of evangelicals did not. What does **that **tell you?

ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner…:rolleyes:

You mean will the current administration suddenly decide to stop violating the Constitutionand the First Amendment and go against it’s masters - the funding by Planned Parenthood?

Somehow I just do not thinks so.:cool:

The missing piece is that Evangelicals actually talk to each other face-to-face. :smiley:

WHAT??? That makes no sense.

They only oppose portions that support immoral procedures. Not all of “Obamacare” is immoral. The portions that are moral are not necessarily prudent, but fall beyond the scope of the bishop’s current concerns, which are protecting unborn children and opposing mandatory funding of contraception.

I think probably the OP was talking about the HHS mandate.

Then he should write his post about the HHS contraceptive coverage mandate.

The Federal Gov’t forcing the populace to buy a product is indeed immoral in my book.

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