Will Californians Pass Proposition 8 (Ban on Homosexual Mariages?)

I wonder if fellow Californians will Pass Proposition 8 – “Amends the California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California”? ag.ca.gov/cms_pdfs/initiatives/i737_07-0068_Initiative.pdf

What are the voter demographics of California? I believe that Californians vote for liberal economic policies (because of a large Hispanic population), but since Hispanics are socially conservative (because they are mostly Catholics even though they do gravitate towards Democratic candidates), they might vote against gay marriage since their vote will not be connected to their economic well-being.

I have a feeling that this time they will not. They know that their votes are worthless, and that the left will use the courts to beat them down, as they always do.

If they get the chance. Looks like the left thinks the people are not smart enough to vote on the issue:

'Gay’ rights group to Supremes: Don’t let people vote

California has voted 3 or 4 other times to define marriage between a man and a woman. But each time, the left smashes them in the courts.

I do not know if California will pass this:

I just found this graph:

Here’s a graph of the 50 states (actually, I think Alaska and Hawaii are missing), showing the average economic and social ideology of adults within each state. Each of these is scaled so that negative numbers are liberal and positive are conservative; thus, people in Massachusetts are the most liberal on economic issues and people in Idaho are the most conservative:



This is data from the 2000 election. Unfortunately I do not know how this data was collected or its source. But if we trust this data, California is not significantly socially conservative.

That’s why I dont think they will pass this. Although, they have passed similar laws against gay marriage in the past. 3 or 4 times already. Not all Libs are for gay marriage either. I live near Chicago, and we always vote Democrat. But man, many people I talk to are against gay marriage. Actually, many, many people I talk to are racists as well, yet we always vote Liberal in Illinois.

I just think that Californians are sick of the issue. The left always has more of a will to get what they want than the right does.

A month before 61 percent of California voters approved the 2000 marriage ban, only 52 percent of likely voters told pollsters they favored the proposition…

Once at a state level.

This is a change to the state constitution. A court cannot overrule it…

They can if it violates the US Constitution, which it probably would.

I don’t know if Proposition 8 will pass or not but I hope that it does pass.

I hope it passes, and think it will. The 9h. circuit court will find some way to block it though. I don’t know how, but that bunch will find a way…

Yeah, I was talking about the 3 or 4 other times in the past when it was voted to ban it, the courts overturned the definition of marriage.

Im not sure I understand what you are saying.


The 9h. circuit court will find some way to block it though. I don’t know how, but that bunch will find a way…

The CLinton appointed judge will say that they forgot to cross a T or dot an i, so it cannot go forth. No way will this happen.


Several other states have such language in their constitutions. None overturned.

Back in 2000, polling of likely voters suggested that 52% favored the proposition to ban homosexual marriage. Once they got in the voting booth, 61% voted for it.

2000 was quite a while ago and there is going to be several propositions which leads to confusion but I hope it passes…

We’ll see. It passed before.

If it doesn’t pass, it’s because the pro-homosexuals out-worked and out-maneuvered the pro-1wife/1husband marriage group.

A majority of California voters oppose same-sex marriage; however, many of such voters probably could care less about the issue. California voters tend to be more concerned about other issues such as the economy or health care. California is more moderate than liberal. I think that Prop 8 will probably pass this November, but I won’t be surprised if it does not due to changing voter demographics (more younger people registering to vote). Either way, Prop 8 will pass or fail by a slimmer margin than the 2000 marriage proposition.

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