Will Catholic beliefs be deemed "hate speech"?

Do you believe certain aspects of our Catholic faith could be deemed discriminatory or “hate speech” and thus be forced to change or be denied the ability to conduct business? My parish processes online payments for donations, Visa could theoretically do what they are doing to Gab to many parishes.

What if Visa did this to all members of a Cathoilc parish and thier families?

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I wouldnt worry too much.

Most of the rumbling going on today is politically motivated and is little more than fear mongering by one side or the other to bring the gullible into their cause.


Gab is one of the favourites for alt-right, white supremacist, and anti-semitism. I wouldn’t infer too much from Visa being added to the list of companies not doing business with them. Microsoft stopped associating with them. Godaddy stopped associating with them. There is a long list…

It has for some time been the case that advertisers and businesses tend to avoid associations that hurt their brands. Because of the content that Gab allows there is a business risk to being associated with them.


Some of our beliefs already have been called hate speech and worse. God have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Better to have God approve than the world applaud.


This…and remember the beatitude that blessed are those persecuted for his namesake…the haters don’t realize it, but believers understand the are helping us along the road to salvation rather than causing us real harm!


I can understand Visa wishing to dissociate from a company for any reason, but do you think it is appropriate for Visa to threaten to ban other payment vendors who wish to do business with Gab?

First they came for gab? And I said nothing. Then they came for…?
I don’t know the first thing about gab. Are Muslim businesses / organizations considered to be anti-semitic?


It is possible to be persecuted in such a way. The real question is how many Catholics will resist. As Catholics, we are called to lay down our lives for Christ. Will we lay them down in a time of this kind of persecution? I would say that 80+% would give in, and only a small percent would stay the course. This is why we need to study and live a devout life so we are strong in our faith and cannot be moved. Jesus said we will be tested.


Let us hope that the Catholic Church never descends to the level of Gab. This is one instance where it’s not Godwin’s Law to say that this move is akin to banning the Nazis.


Gab is pretty blatantly a platform for hate speech. That much us clear from looking at the site for like…5 minutes.

How about this? It’s the store for the Nation of Islam. (Farrakhan).
How can Visa legally single out this or that organization to cease doing business with?


where r u getting this? I went on the site as well and saw no “hate speech”, I did gather that there is no censorship.

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Visa is a private company, not an arm of the government. They’re allowed to choose who they do and don’t work with.

Visa is unlikely to reject anyone as a customer unless they see a huge risk. The Catholic Church does not pose a huge risk, especially with the number of Catholics in this country. Furthermore, the Church is not one centralized business that depends on Visa to run.

Catholics need to stop identifying themselves with every fringe free speech platform out there.

We also have no way of knowing if Torba’s story is true, or if he has left out key details. I don’t take any of these stories at face value.


What? Since when are private businesses allowed to pick and choose who they do business with? Public accomodation

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If Mr Torba and Gab feel they have a legit complaint in this area, they should call a lawyer and sue.

What protected class is gab part of?

You didn’t look very hard.

Gleaned from comments.

“#%^ %^^# chimpanzees. Always looking for a fight and then pulling out the victim card to try to use the law against their victims.“

“ When did the Blacks get an ethnostate? I mean I get Disney / Marvel made a big deal about Black Panther but everyone knows Wakanda is fictional right?”

Should I go on?

Everything we profess is against the so-called sensibilities of the world.

The preservation of human life especially children the fact the Church is against abortion and euthanasia.

The Churches stance against suicide even medical assisted suicide.

The Churches defense of the traditional family unit and traditional marriage.

The Church does not see eye to eye with people living actively homosexual lifestyles, same sex couples adopting children, or using in vitro fertilization.

The Church’s stance against in vitro fertilization and that fertilized eggs human beings are discarded and destroyed.

There’s also the fact that it requires an unnatural act which is against the natural law through self abuse.

The Church’s stance against fornication, self-abuse, pornography, and all manner of indecency and impurity.

The Churches condemnation against Freemasonry and other humanist and occult secret organizations.

The Church’s stance against pantheism, animism, and all manner of paganism and the fact that Dogmatically the Church proclaims that outside the Church there can be no salvation.

Even if it seems the Church or more truthfully certain clerical and lay members of the Church have forgotten some of these beliefs through its perennial teachings the Church continues to teach these things and will continue to teach these things until the end of the world.


@governator This was precisely my point in making this post. Thank you for writing out all those points.

I don’t use Gab. I don’t have any allegiance to Gab. But I was intrigued that they were banned by a major mainstream financial company because they viewed their business as supporting hate speech. Many things we believe as Catholics already go against what popular culture believes. In my state catholic charities had to stop doing adoptions and foster care because they would not place children with same sex couples. I don’t think it’s a stretch to think in the future the church may be targeted by major companies, like Visa. Or if not the church, Catholics themselves.


can you provide the link? the reason i say this is because if its a free speech website, then any speech is viable, I can’t tell if this is a comment section or an article, you see what I mean?

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