Will Catholics support Romney?

Will Catholics support Romney considering his flip-flop on abortion and homosexuality, and also in light of the very negative way that the Mormon leadership and Joe Smith have portrayed us to their membership through out their short history? Will Catholics support him if he is the only alternative to Obama?:signofcross:

Anybody but Obama. :shrug:


I continue to pray for our nation and its leaders. I am not enthused about any party’s offering at this time. I do realize that “not voting” is a decision as much as a specific choice. I simply don’t know yet.

Better to vote in Romney than let Obama get back in, but it’s a pity that Santorum is out of the race :frowning:

No. Unfortunately, Catholics will vote in favor of Obama, just as they did in 2008, and give him another four years to stomp on our constitution.

Mitt Romney will be a great president. :slight_smile:

I just don’t know. I’d prefer not to have Obama in there again, but at the same time I’m not sure I like Romney that much. He often says things without thinking and seems out of touch with the average joe. I just don’t know if I could vote for him, but I also don’t think I can vote for Obama.

That says it for me.:thumbsup:

How in touch do you think Obama is with the “average joe”?

I have no doubt some will and some will not. That’s the great thing about the American democracy. In the privacy of the voting booth or in their own homes if they’re voting by mail for instance, every voter of any religion or faith or of no faith, is free to weigh all of the issues and then vote their conscience. How blessed we are to have that right. Some do not.

Romney has no contact with average middle class people, and even less with those who are struggling.

I prefer to withhold any decision. There is always a chance that Romney will say something that will alienate himself from the LDS hierarchy. That will prove that he has the courage to stand up for justice. After all he is apparently the least conservative of the Republican candidates.

Unless that happens, Obama has my vote. A lot can happen between now and then; including at the Republican Convention.

Similarly, a lot can happen regarding conscience provisions on the health insurance mandate. If that happens, Obama will have my unreserved vote.

Obama appears to be anti-Catholic, anti-religious freedom, anti-life, anti-family! I pray he is out!!

***Romney has no contact with average middle class people, and even less with those who are struggling.

I prefer to withhold any decision.*** :thumbsup:

NOT a Romney fan.

Anglican here, but I will certainly vote for Romney (and at this point, he is 99% certain to be the nominee) over Obama.

He’s not my first choice, but everyone I liked better has dropped out or never got in. That includes Tim Pawlenty, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Mitch Daniels and Chris Christie.

I’m not a conservative, but a conservative libertarian, and I don’t care for over the top social conservatives like Santorum. I would have had trouble holding my nose enough to vote for him, though I’m an “anybody but Obama” person.

I’m used to it, the last time either major party nominated someone I could be enthusiastic about was Reagan in 1980. The last time before that was Goldwater in 1964, when I was not yet old enough to vote.

You are Christian and a Catholic. Have you heard of the Catholic five non-negotionables. Don’t vote for a candidate that supports, abortion, gay marriage, embryonic stem-cell research, euthenasia, human cloning. Supporting Obama is the same thing as committing a mortal sin. He’s not just a choice, he is NO choice. Think about it please!!:mad::mad::mad:: .

See: saviorquest.com/news1/catholicvoters.htm

Do Catholics in America realise what Obama is doing in the world? He is blackmailing the Philippines, for example, to force them to allow abortion, homosexual unions or lose funding. He is the Abortion supremo - one of his first acts when he got into power was to bring in abortion up to birth - sucking out the brains of babies in a new grotesque attack on the innocent unborn. What does this monster have to do for Americans to wake up to how evil he is? His monstrosity is cloaked in pretence at being Christian - when he is nothing of the kind. He only thinly disguises his Muslim background; with the influx of Muslims into the States, as well as UK - just see how France is suffering with their huge population of Muslims - then see what will happen to America if Obama gets in again. Of course, he will get some people voting for him because he hides behind his ethnicity. Please, America, see through this monster and DO NOT ALLOW HIM BACK INTO OFFICE!!!

What a choice hey? :thumbsup:

I hear you, and agree - but for years I have voted for the candidate that “said” NO to those things, and yet that party effected absolutely no change in those things whatever. They shook their fists and raged, and did nothing. Abortion is legal, and as long as we have a democracy, it’s not going to go away. I am tired of selling my vote for their empty words, while watching the wars go on, and the poor get poorer. “Vote for me, I am a Christian” is not going to work for me. Talk is cheap.

I won’t be. Instead, I believe there is a spot where you can write in another choice, and that is what I will be doing.

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