Will DBZ kinect be a good way to understand/"feel" fight animation choreography?

Even if it isn’t good quality as a game I have a feeling that for animation and graphics buffs this will be a pretty interesting way to learn about fight animation choreography even if it is DBZ which for all it’s popularity is slightly dated now and had *infamous problems with it’s fight animation.Also couldn’t the same things be said if they did kinect fighting games for Tekken,Virtua fighter,Naruto and One piece?.They might not be good conventional games but they would be a pretty interesting way to get a “hands on feel” for the fight choreography of those games.They’d be more like simulators I guess.Just hope that for DBZ kinect they dont do the infamous recycled animation:D.

*Among other things…-_-…look I’ve actually written so much on one posting this one time that I had to make another one to complete what I was saying and if I were to talk about this I’m pretty sure that might happen again even though I know there’s different threads here where I can write about it I dont feel up to it write now and not just of the risk of heavily sidetracking those threads.To vastly over-simplify on something I’ve written and spoken about various times,let’s just say that I have a love-dislike relationship with the Dragonball series similar to how some ppl have a love-dislike relationship with Star Wars and George Lucas and the way he’s made the prequel trilogy and continuously rehashed the original with different releases.

I wouldn’t play any DBZ games or watch the show. There’s a guy named “Mr. Satan” in the series. In the english version, he is known as “Hercule”.

I am WELL aware of that MUCH to my chagrin.That point beside the star that I wrote is one of my issues with DBZ aside from the story’s (NOT the characters) strength and it’s characters development/worth it’s Akira Toriyama’s (the maker of the series) lack of cultural sensitivity…among ***other ***things:mad:…If you didn’t already know he’s basically just a goofy show-boating fighter who (**very **unfortunately since,given his name) is extremely famous and has taken credit for the exploits of other characters and has his daughter end up marrying one of the main characters.His first name is actually Mark though and I’ve heard it debated how that name might just be a nickname (MAN would I like that). -_- …Okay now I’m feeling slightly more up to just barging into one of the threads now to go off about my beef with Toriyama:rolleyes:.

Still hoping someone will answer my main question about how it would be interesting if other anime games did kinect games so that ppl could get a better understanding and “grip” (pun intended) on fight choreography.

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