Will Genetic Advances Make Sex Obsolete?

Stanford law professor and bioethicist Hank Greely predicts that in the future most people in developed countries won’t have sex to make babies. Instead they’ll choose to control their child’s genetics by making embryos in a lab.

This is not the end of sex — because recreational sex will always be with us — it’s the end of sex as a way of procreating.


Just goes to show how now people equate love with their desires rather than actually feeling a deep affection for another person not based on anything but the person.

If you believe that, I’ve got a gorgeous beach condo in El Paso, TX, to sell you cheap. Right on the water.

As long as human life has a sexual instinct, babies will mostly be made that way.


It’s all about money… “Why have a cheap, free baby the old way when you can have your designer baby for thousands of dollars!”

Yet another reason invitro is bad… Like abortion, it leads to eugenics

Not if I have anything to do with it…

Big cringe. It reminds me of being assigned to read “Brave New World” back in junior high in 1972. That book predicts it in great detail and describes the horrible repercussions.

I recently wrote a medical fiction thriller with some parallels to Brave New World. It is called* Biotech Swirl *and is a FREE e-book on my blog which you can read online and/or download at this address:

womanatwell.blogspot.com/p/biotech-swirl.html .

The book touches upon some of the effects of IVF and genetic manipulation that is going on in our culture at this very time. And yes, the repercussions can be bad indeed. We must try to be God’s vessels to show people what is wrong with these types of actions.

Thank you very much, womanatwell. I’ll check it out.

I read your book a couple of months ago, it was very interesting!

You are welcome. Hope you like it. It’s a little bit of a challenge to read but I think it is worth it!

Thanks very much. I appreciate the feedback. :tiphat:

Or it is about status.
People will start using designer children as a status symbol or fashion accessory.

Humans are sexual beings, with hormones. Even if a couple aren’t trying to be parents, there will always be sex as long as our bodies make hormones…


Very interesting. I must check this out now! :thumbsup:

And that just about sums it up. :thumbsup: (In fact, in “Brave New World”, sex and sexual orgies have become a purely recreational exercise, but people still indulge in them.) The problem is the dissociation between sexual activity and marriage / procreation, but the journey down that sinful road began long before these technologies were available. :frowning:

Status, money, power… All comes from the same deadly sins

First off, there’s nothing “cheap” or “free” about having a child!

I’d imagine the ads would sound like: “Don’t trust YOUR next generation to the cruel unknowns of the laws of biology; come to us and we will guarantee the genetic fitness of YOUR offspring.”

Emphasis on YOUR.


Like other elective procedures the price will come down. (Liposuction, tummy tucks, etc). The real worry is that over a dozen or so generations this will decrease genetic variety and possibly cause unforeseen medical issues on large scales.

We have tons examples where human intervention introduces issues. Bananas are a great example. Most “Purebred” dogs have been selectively bred to the point that a litany of health issues are almost a guarantee for certain breeds. Hip issues, protein wasting, etc.

A dozen generations is approx. 240 years; I’ve no doubt that by then, those problems will be correctable.


*Gattaca * is another speculative plot about this genre.

What a boring way to live, in my opinion. No risk, no freedoms, no encounters with the unknown. Suffocating. Everything tame, and sterile.

IDK. I think a lot of would-be parents would gladly give up the “risk” and “unknown” for children free from muscular dystrophy, birth defects, etc.

“Risks, freedom and encounters with the unknown” sound nice and poetic, but they do not compensate for a genetically unsound human body.


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