Will God forgive us if we lie to him?

In Acts 5:1-11 it says how a man and woman lyed to the Holy Spirit and then died. And Holy Spirit is God. So if we lie to God, will we die and never be forgiven?

I we die unrepentant - then no - we will not be forgiven. Repentance is always the key.

Of course avoiding the sin in the first place is much better…


As a child, a teacher explained to us that God is everywhere and knows everything. The lesson being that the only person we are lying to is really ourselves.

A person is delusional if they think they are “getting away with anything”.

As the previous poster said repentence and avoidance are key. Also remember that God is always there ready to forgive all things.

Not to create a tangent here Timi, but can one really lie to God? How can you lie to a being that is omniscient? I think one would only be lying to themselves.

The key thing to remember is that God knows everything–He will not be deceived even if you say a falsehood to him, because he knows what is true and what is false. If you do try, you will only be deceiving yourself. Of course, it is a grave sin either way, but if you repent in your heart, you will be forgiven just as for other sins.

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