Will God grant us everything we ask in heaven?


In this thread (which has unfortunately ceased being productive due to the histrionics of a few), an interesting question has come up (and not been answered).

The question is, will we ever in heaven ask God for things which he will not grant? This question is clearly tied in with the question of how perfectly our wills in heaven will be aligned with God’s will. It seems axiomatic that if our wills are perfectly aligned with God’s will, then we will never ask anything that God would not grant. However, I know of no Catholic teaching that answers this question, so I thought I’d put it out for discussion. What do you think - will we ever ask for something in heaven that God will not grant? Why or why not?


Im wondering if we will need to ask for anything at all:shrug:
I have absolutely no idea. Im not sure anyone can answer this question. I think this is one of those things we will just have to wait and see.:thumbsup:

Im sure people will give you their opinions but I think that is all we can offer.:shrug:


I can’t imagine we would want anything in heaven unless of course you are asking for salvation of a family member in which case I would speculate that our petitions would help but obviously God makes the final decision


I never thought of heaven as being somewhere where I would ask for things. We will be in the presence of almighty God, that will be enough, I dont think you could even compare this to any fraction of joy we might have in this life. I think anyone who sees God will be so overwhelmed with an un explainable joy, that it will last for eternity, anything you cared about before would just go right out the window.


What I had in mind, but didn’t clarify, is asking things related to the good of those still on earth. I agree, it’s hard to imagine asking for ourselves in heaven.


im not entirely sure … i know that the saints intercede for us in heaven, and if we get to heaven we become saints (not necessarily canonized, but saints nonetheless) so, they must have some sway, but im not sure how aligned our wills will be …


If you feel the need to ask for anything, then know that you are not yet in Heaven.:smiley:


That kind of shoots down the concept of the intercession of the saints, doesn’t it?


I understand why you say that. My first thought would be the same. But I think we are talking about asking for things in Heaven for the good of others…not for ourselves. Such as Mary asking the Lord to have mercy on us. Or the saints in Heaven going before the Lord on your behalf. Are they not “asking” for something? And I can’t see the saints in Heaven asking for something that is against God’s will. I don’t presume to know with certainty, but I do understand this question in the manner it was asked. It may help to read the thread where this question came up. It might help to put this question in proper context. :slight_smile:


Allow me to clarify: If you feel the need to ask for anything for yourself, then know that you are not yet in Heaven.:smiley:


Yep, no question about that. So we’re talking about the saints in heaven asking God for something for the sake of others (here on earth, since we’re the only ones in need).


This is a great question. I often hear people ponder the great mysteries of life and say confidently, “well, we’ll find out when we go to heaven”.

Will we? Has it ever occurred to anyone that our desire to know the answers to some of life’s great mysteries won’t necessarily be answered for us when we go to heaven?

It’s not like we’ll suddenly be like God in all ways once we are in Heaven. For example, God is all-knowing. That doesn’t mean we suddenly will be all-knowing too when we go to Heaven.

Will my good friend Richard be in Heaven when I get there? Perhaps he will be. But will I know that? Perhaps God will reveal that to me. Or maybe He won’t.

God might not permit me to know the question I ask. Since I would be in Heaven I would have no problem accepting the answer regardless of the outcome.


I feel that we may not know whether or not certain persons have or have not made it to heaven. Since the scripture tells us there will be NO TEARS in heaven. We may be saintly and pray for the request of others but…I doubt we will know the outcome.


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