Will God grant you fame if you prayed for fame?

For example, you pray to God for fame, will he help you get fame?

Only if it was His will.

But it’s not likely that is something He would will, in and of itself. There would have to be some reason for His great glory for He to will fame for someone.

Fame, in itself, is not something that Christians value per se.
It’s only a worldly thing. Everyone is a Saint in heaven, so would you consider that fame?
Fame is fleeting, unnecessary for happiness, and indeed, causes great grief to many who do achieve fame.
It’s a frivolous thing to pray for. But I suppose a lesson could be learned from allowing someone to become famous. But doesn’t fame come from our own actions?
Not so much a “will” of God?

Prayers are granted based on their benefit to our souls. God is not some kind of cosmic vending machine. Many people think: well, I’ll just ask for things and see what happens.

Ask for grace. Ask for peace. Ask to be close to Him who loves us all so much.

God will not answer anything that He foresees will interfere with your salvation, because He loves you.

What Dorothy said. With fame goes a host of problems. Why would you want it? If you pray for fame the devil just might give it to you-with strings attached.

God will only grant you what you need. If He blesses you with money, fame, talent, love, etc…, then it is by His Will, not ours.

I’ve taken a look at the people in our society/culture who have achieved fame. Somewhere close to 95% (in my not so humble opinion) are absolutely miserable and lead horrible, sin-filled lives that are only temporarily sated by addictions of every sort.

If God ever gave me fame, I would wonder what I had done to deserve such punishment.

Luke 22

And when he came to the place, he said to them, “Pray that you may not enter into temptation.” 41And he withdrew from them about a stone’s throw, and knelt down and prayed, 42saying, “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.

ISTM that every request we make in prayer, should observe what Christ did in the Garden.


My opinion only,

But any one who has some semblence of fame, needs a REALLY good and COMPETENT spiritual director.

Fame more often than not goes to people’s heads and their ego go off the charts.

Amen. Every day, at the local abbey, at dinner they read the day’s martyrology. It is a very humbling experience to hear or read the martyrology and realize what true sanctity is about and how saints became saints.

They must be famous because we keep hearing about them year after year, and we celebrate their feasts too…

Agreed that is not worth wanting. It would be better to do as Jesus would do. If it would happen through that, then it would be a burden. A good spiritual adviser would then be essential.

I was thinking, though, fame could be a good thing.

Not necessarily movie star fame or baseball player fame.

But, part of the reason I wanted to be successful in life was to set an example to younger people. “Oh, there’s signit; he has this job; he’s a high achiever; and he did it all on his own merits; maybe if I stay in school and make the right decisions I can do the same.”

But you’re right; I wouldn’t pray specifically for fame.

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