Will God punish my family/loved ones for my sins?


This is something I’ve always feared.
I’ve dealt with a Masturbation struggle for a long time (yes, females have this problem too) and I’ve always feared when I do it that God will punish my family and/or loved ones for my sin, even though I’ve feared this, I let my selfishness overcome me and give into evil.
Please help.
I desperately want to be closer to God but feel more distant and numb now than I’ve ever felt.


No, God won’t punish your family. And as a sinner, you a special right to God’s Mercy. Throw yourself into the Heart of Jesus and beg Him for mercy. You will glorify His Name when you do.


Thank you for your help


Read the New Testament. It means good news to people like you and me and everyone present.
Matthew 1:21 Gabriel to Mary: “You will give Him the name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins”. The New Testament are full of these promises.
Jesus took every single one of our sins up on the cross and they were nailed there to the cross so they could no longer hurt us… the penalty fell on Him… okay?

That’s why Paul says There is no room for fear in love.
Jesus is on your side sister.
You need to struggle against sin for the sake of you, your future husband, and for The Holy Spirit who loves you, lives in you and who calls you to a life of glory and peace.

confess your sins every time you are convicted… let Jesus heal you. And then stand tall as the child of God, that you are. The devil will then get tired of playing with you… he is the only one who gets a kick out of that stuff anyway.

I wonder… why are we so eager to make life sad and painful for our selves so often? the pleasure derived from stupid empty thing is so short compared to the long period of regret.

But in the end… only blizz remains…


However, any sin you commit will hurt the people around you, including your loved ones. No mater how small it is. So as you ask for forgiveness, you should also pray for those you’ve hurt by your sin.


No, please stop causing yourself this undue stress. There is no logic in thinking that people will be punished for acts that they did not commit. Relax.


Agreed. I believe this is the verse causing you the trouble:

Num 14:18 …visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth [generation].

Everything you do effects the people around you either directly or indirectly. Sometimes in a big way, and sometimes very subtle almost unnoticeable.

This I disagree with. Guilt is a gift from God to help prompt us to do the right thing. God loves you and will not punish your children for your weaknesses. BUT, don’t relax and forget about it, because your words, actions and attitude do affect children.

You don’t have to beat yourself up over it, but you do need to take steps to overcome your addition. It is an addition, or you would have stopped the moment you thought your children might suffer for it.

All additions are harmful.


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