Will going to school make me less eligible?


I’m going to be attending business school at the University of Michigan this fall. It has been a while since I graduated from grad school, but I can still remember studying really hard and not having much money or time. I’ll be quitting my job and am going to be without income for a couple of years. I will be looking for a job again in a few years and hopefully getting the career I want - not that I wasn’t successful before, but I wanted to do something different and be able to make a bigger difference. So I was wondering if this will make me less eligible in the eyes of Catholic women. What do you think? Any advice would be appreciated.


How old are you? Maybe it depends on your age and whether the women in your dating pool want to marry and start a family immediately.


I’m 29 right now. Most of the women in my dating pool probably want to get married and start a family. I’m not against that, but with school and everything, it’s probably not gonna happen in the next two years for me, but never say never.


Since it’s only 2 years I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Plus, you can always marry and just wait a few years to have children. It would only be something to worry about if you were more in your mid 30’s and the women you were dating were running out of their fertility.


Thank you, flyingfish. I guess my next question is are there a lot of single, practicing Catholic women in my age group in Michigan?


I think there’s a strong orthodox Catholic community in the Ann Arbor area partially do to the influence of Tom Monaghan


You probably already know this, but the MBA experience is largely about the alumni network. A Michigan MBA would definitely be worth more in Chicago than it would in Santa Fe. But regardless, it’s a great program.


And there are certainly lots of Catholics in Chicago and the city is wonderful…except the corrupt politics. Oh sorry, I meant “familial politics”, my bad.

If it’s any consolation I plan on going for a PhD in Theology in due time (I graduate with my bachelor’s in May). Grad school is 2 years and the PhD takes 5-6. So I think my situation is much tougher!


College and/or grad school is a time when you have the opportunity to meet many single people in and outside of school. You may very well meet your spouse during this period, I did!


First of all, I congratulate you on your bravery for quitting your and going back to school. I am sure that it was not an easy decision for you to make. The whole…the evil we know is better than the evil we don’t know…saying. Or something like it.

Keep this in mind, you are not at school to find someone to be with, although I’m sure it’ll be a perk. Your first job is to get an education. However, if God decides to bless you in such a way as providing a partner for you during this time, he will make the right persion cross your path. That person will understand the situation you are in and not take offense that you are a full-time student without income. She will know that God has better things in store for you later on in life (hopefully, as nobody knows - not even you - what God has in store for you).

And, in my experience, the best things in life come when they are unexpected. Great job, great husband, etc.



Thanks! I hear that Ann Arbor (and the rest of Michigan for that matter) is a pretty liberal place. I was a little worried that I may not be able to find a good Catholic community there. The business school also doesn’t seem to have a Catholic club of some sort (only a Christian club), so maybe I’ll just have to start one!


In my experience, being a Ph.D. student sometimes makes women regard you as still a student, not to mention the results of having to deal with the economic cost of it. However, is it worth it? HECK YEAH!!!111one. I’m sorry. I was just being confident. This is attractive, just so you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Being the nerdy law doc that owns a translation firm dealing with very nerdy projects (Friday night and I mean night, like until 8 am, was spent translating the already translated articles of association of a cooperative from an exotic country) will be pretty cool and rewarding too, even though I’m sure it will drive massive numbers of women away. :stuck_out_tongue: (I can already see it. :p)


[quote="BadTurkey, post:1, topic:190610"]
I'm going to be attending business school at the University of Michigan this fall. It.
. . .
So I was wondering if this will make me less eligible in the eyes of Catholic women. .


eligible for what? I am sure most unmarried people in grad school date if you mean social activities (without a view to inappropriate intimacy) with members of the opposite sex. If you mean marriage, you won't be doing serious courtship until you are ready for marriage, and until you first discern your vocation, no matter what else you are doing in your life. If you look you will find excellent orthodox Catholic parishes and spiritual support in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. go spartans:bounce:sorry I would choke if I said go blue


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