Will Heaven be "Non-denominational"?

Many people seem to think it is arrogant to think heaven will home to Catholics. People will be surprised to find Jesus, our Lady and the Saints in heaven. And also a Catholic/sacramental flavor to heaven.
Will Catholics who experienced and were sanctified by the fullness of truth, the Eucharist and the deposit of grace on earth etc. be more at home in Heaven or is it more like non-denominational and pluralistic with gahndi still being gahndi and Martin Luther King still being MLK and other good non-Catholics still being non-Catholic?

Only Catholics will be in heaven.

That does not mean only Catholics will go to heaven.

Any non-Catholic who goes to heaven will most certainly be Catholic then. :slight_smile:

Someone I know said to me that in Heaven there will be no Catholic, no Baptist, etc…therefore, she said, what was so important about being Catholic right now? :blush:

I envision a wonderful Eternal Traditional Mass with the angels singing. So in my opinion it will be Catholic and not “non-denominational”.

You reminded me the angels have repetitive prayers. :wink:

For a little levity, check out youtube.com for the “Simpsons: Protestant vs. Catholic Heaven” clip.

Catholic :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is useful to speculate on who will get into heaven and who won’t; that is in the hands of God. In terms of humankind, in my theological view all humans, dead or alive, will rise to face Christ and his infinite love and mercy and also his righteous judgement; while scripture gives us images and words to describe to our limited comprehension what it is like, the Word of God encompasses not just our planet but the entire vast cosmos and indeed, all universes. The destiny of our universe and all creation is to be returned to God and glorified in such a way that it and all the blessed will not suffer from evil, pain or sin anymore in such a way we cannot understand. How this will happen though I think is beyond our comprehension.

I don’t think this thread is all about who gets to Heaven.

There is no place for denomination in Heaven I would say. God is “love” I don’t believe He needs us to have individual choices in Heaven. Those thoghts are I believe related to people on earth human beings not spiritual. In heaven all is “love” God is love so all is God, who made us to His likeness.
I eblieve.

Since Heaven is complete and it has no division I don’t see how there could be denominations there. Heaven if complete “love” all is in the fullness of God there., thats what I believe. so
God bless

There will be no choices in Heaven. All will be Catholic, because that is what being with God in that place IS. In the absence of all else, there is ONLY Catholic, so it’s not as if there are choices.

Those who are not Catholic, but are not sent to hell, will spend their time in Purgatory until they accept the fullness of Truth in the Catholic Faith. Then they will be in Heaven.


If the Mass is a foretaste of Heaven and the Real Presence- the closest/most intimate we can get with Christ, then Heaven is like Catholicism.

The reason I started this thread was becuase I was thinking if for example Jerry Falwell (who just died) makes it to heaven- Will he be shocked to find that The Catholic Faith was the real deal.

If so would’nt he have to have a conversion of heart, and accept Our Lady as Mother and Queen, the communion of Saints etc.?--------------------------- or--------------------

Is heaven just a personal judgement of the heart between the person and Christ and how that relationship is?

We are taught Heaven is communal.

I don’t think God’s gonna call it Catholic I believe He will call “all my children” you know, “you who have done My will” Words as we say them and understand them I believe are only for humans.
Remember how the angels in the old testement told I think Lot that they didn’t really eat it was only made to be in line with human understanding.

Yep! :thumbsup:

Not saying I don’t believe, but I would like to know where this thought or practice came from I havent heard of it before.

One of my friends was a deacon in the Anglican church. When he died and it came to communion at his service I asked our Lord “Lord why cant I go to communion?” Our Lord said to me “What greater gift could your friend give to you on this last day than Me” That was it I went to communion and some others told me I couldn’t go I told them what Jesus told me and they came to.
Now what was wrong with that It seems to me that to receive Jesus is the right thing to do. I believe God is greater than how we perceive Him to be.
But I am open to your teaching.
God bless

something is not quite right here.
You received Communion at an Anglican church and believe Jesus being present in the Eucharist there.

The last time I heard …the Anglican church is not in communion with the Catholic church. The communion you received is just a piece of bread - nothing more, nothing less.

I suggest you might want to think more about it. Things can go wrong if every single message you believe to be from Jesus.

That is my thought.

Does the verse

“… that all may be one, as You and I are one…” help any??

I believe that it is reasonable to think that all in heaven will be Catholic… and all in hell will be Catholic too.

As Pat Madrid once explained… at death we will see the beatific vision, and all Truth will be clear… even to those who are condemned to hell.

All the errors of those who lived outside the Church Jesus founded will be understood.

All the errors made by those who claimed to be Catholic will be understood.

All the errors… explained, visible, and gone

All the truth… explained visible, and forever.

I can understand emotionally why you would feel as though you wanted to take communion with your friend’s loved ones. He/she was someone that you thought highly of and you wanted to show respect. But, Jesus is not physically present in the Anglican communion. As a Catholic you must understand that. Because of this you,not taking communion in his/her church might have been more respectful a gesture then doing so.

Yes, God is much greater then we percieve him to be. That is why we can not take communion lightly.

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