Will I be forgiven?

There is one thing which I have been addicted to since I was a kid and I have fought against that for years before finally stopping it for good. But there are times when I occasionally yield to temptation and commit the sin.
For the last two years, I have been praying to God very fervently for some intentions but they have been unanswered. I always assumed that it is because of this and I made a promise to God that I won’t repeat it again and He should be merciful to me and grant my prayer. Last month, however, I slipped and after that I was really sorry and asked for His forgiveness.
Today, I was thinking about this and though I did not feel like it, I did it.I don’t know why, it was like someone made me do it even though I was not interested. Throughout the time, I was totally in control of myself and I thought about my promise and then reassured myself that God will forgive me no matter what and went ahead with it. I feel so terrible now because I could have stopped it right at the beginning but didn’t. Also because I assumed God would forgive me and then went ahead with it. Will I be forgiven? What about my prayer intention then? I felt so guilty that I did not even pray today.

The Eternal Father addressed these words to St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi:
“My Word consummated on the cross the love wherewith I sent Him to you, satisfying My justice for your sins so fully that I received more satisfaction, without comparison, than I had received offense. Hence it is that I am so easily appeased with the sinners who return to Me and are converted; and I receive them in the arms of My Love, because I have been so well satisfied by the obedience of My Word. In this world, or in an infinite number of worlds, so many sins could not be committed, for which My Word had atoned, that I would not be satisfied with the reparation He made for the sins and the offense. Hence, the Royal Prophet, foreseeing this satisfaction, has said: “Copiosa apud eum redemption” – “With Him plentiful redemption” (Ps. cxxix, 7).”

St. Margaret of Cortona:
“Lord, how is it that Thou lavishest so many graces on me? Hast Thou, then, forgotten the sins I have committed against Thee?” “And have you forgotten,” our Lord answered, “what I have told you, that when a soul repents of her faults I no longer remember the outrages of which she has been guilty towards me?”

Pax Domini!

Thank you! Those are exquisite quotes. What more do we have to hear!

God forgives all sins which we repent. However, you did commit two sins: the first sin, *and *the sin of presumption, so you need to repent of each of them, not just the one.

This situation in which you find yourself is like a spiritual sickness. It may be best for you to increase your spiritual activity-- are you doing spiritual reading each day? Meditative prayer? Do you go regularly to confession? It may be time to add in or increase your use of these spiritual gifts or medicines God has given us, but don’t go overboard, just increase little by little (btdt!). Try and have and stick to specific times for your spiritual activities.

And when you find that you are being tempted, pray!!! Do not give in!!! One if the things I like about Pope Francis (besides his choice in names ;)) is that he reminds us of Satan and his minions. There are three sources of temptation (the world, the flesh, and the devil) and sometimes it seems as if we have forgotten about the third. Our bad habits are something we need God’s help to overcome, and He waits for us to ask for it!

If you know a good priest or holy person, you might ask them for spiritual counsel or even to be a spiritual director for you.

I don’t make promises that I can’t keep. That is not the way to victory. Trying harder is also not the way. Trusting in God is the way. Do not ask prayers that God cannot answer. God’s promises are sure. He has already provided everything we need. It is available in His word.

I missed this part of your post earlier: (sorry :o)

PRAY!!! Just because you slipped does not mean that you should stop praying–ask for His forgiveness and carry on.

Suppose you had a friend who did something you didn’t like. Would she make things better by ignoring you? Or would it be best for her to apologize to you as soon as she could?

All sins can be forgiven. I used to worship Satan (as a private devotional Satanist) and God forgave me for that. To receive God’s mercy, however, you will need to confess your mortal sins. A priest once told me assuming I could get to Confession after committing a mortal sin, was not of grave matter. If you had assumed it was of grave matter though, at the time, than you should confess it and state you had believed it to be of grave matter, because doing something you believe to be of grave matter, is in itself mortally sinful, or if you doubt what he told me–it could’ve been wrong–I’ve gotten incorrect information from priests before–than ask for a second opinion on this.

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