Will I find the right person to marry?

@littleflowerforever @Dolphin Maybe you guys should get to know each other better… :sunglasses:

Either that, or find a beer commercial and live there :rofl::crazy_face::roll_eyes:

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If you do not get to meet a lot of people in your day to day life, the suggestion is sometime to try or do things that you don’t like. This is unpopular opinion, but i am saying it. For example, you could enroll in some courses at a nearby school or college to meet people, even if you aren’t interested in the coursework. Many people will disagree with me saying this. Who knows, maybe you will grow to look like it, or if not, the upside is you learn something new.

Sometimes in order to achieve what you seek, you have to do things you don’t want to do.

I know someone whom who have suggested to do this, oe to attebd single events, sign up for online dating. She refused to do all three. Saying if she takes a class, it should be her interest. She doesnt want to attend events or do online dating either. So don’t know how to help her if she refused to be helped.

On my part though, I try. I signed up for online few years back even though i am not keen and it is expensive. So far my efforts dont seem to be seeing any effect yet, but I am still trying.

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