Will I go to hell if I convert from RCC?


Will I go to hell if I convert to Eastern Orthodox Church?


If you are asking the question to Catholics, it must be because you really don’t think you are doing the right thing (or at least are not sure). In that case you certainly should not become Orthodox. I’m sure any Orthodox priest would tell you the same thing! If you were convinced Orthodoxy was true, you wouldn’t care whether Catholics thought you were going to hell or not. It would be irrelevant. You would be worrying (if anything) over whether you would go to hell if you *didn’t *convert to Orthodoxy.

It sounds to me as if you are being drawn to Orthodoxy by reasons other than genuine conviction. And making any religious choice for such reasons is indeed very bad for your soul.



Yes you would go to Hell for sure.:eek:

No one can tell who is going to Hell!!


While I would never condemn any person to hell myself because I am not God, I would say that to leave the Catholic Church is to put one’s soul in grave danger. The Catholic Church teaches that she alone is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church and the universal Ark of salvation. To leave the Church knowningly is to leave Jesus for he is the head of the Church and the Church is his body. Rather than jumping ship into the raging torrents of heresy and schism, I suggest that you check out the Eastern Catholic Churches. They have the same liturgy and spirituality as the Eastern Orthdox, minus the heresy and schism. These Eastern Catholic Churches are part of the the Catholic Church whereas, the Eastern Orthdox are not.


A person goes to hell if they truly reject God.
If you know the Catholic Church is the true Church and reject Her, for what reasons do you reject Her?
Only God knows who is in hell.
The question is not will you go to hell if you leave the Catholic Church
the question is, will you go to Heaven? And to that, the Catholic Church can not answer save for God’s Mercy.
Think more on Heaven then hell.


Why don’t you fill us in on your reasons for wanting to convert in the first place?


yes. And you’ll get less holidays off.


Edwin, you’ve just given the nail a smack right over the head!


You’d be committing an objectively grave sin. Whether it would be a mortal sin, God would be your judge.


Once I realized these Churches were in Communion with Rome, I put my desires to convert completely out of my mind. Definitely attend one of these Masses if you are considering conversion to Orthodoxy and you will probably see that they’re exactly the same (except for one’s Catholic and one isn’t).

I love the Eastern music, artwork, revrences (i.e. prostration), and that’s what made me curious about Orthodoxy, and then the Eastern Churches.
I’ve haven’t been to an Eastern Church’s Divine Liturgy yet, but I hope to soon!!!




Sticking your finger on the “DOWN” button does not guarantee that you will actually reach the bottom. However, it definitely increases the odds of doing so, by several orders of magnitude.

Why do you ask?


Go for it! Orthodoxy claims to be the one true church. From what I have read of their religion it sounds more unified than the Catholic Church.



How much do you know about Eastern Orthodox Christianity? Did you know that they (like the Catholic Church) accept the 7 OT deutercanonical books you said (on a previous thread) are not inspired by the Holy Spirit?

Here is a Chart of Historically Held Biblical Canons:

If they are both wrong about the issue of the canon of Scripture, why do you think it is preferable to join an EO Church rather than the CC?


Well, just asking, I have no intention to convert. how about other religions; Protestant, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism (except mormon and JW, of course)? Will the chance going to heaven is even lesser?


LOL, nice analogy…


Thanks for using a Chesterton quote as your signature.

In response to your post, you should ask the question–what did God reveal to us about who will make it to heaven?

We know, from the Bible, that it is God’s desire and our hope that all will be saved–
Acts 10:35: “Rather, in every nation whoever fears him and acts uprightly is acceptable to him.”

1 Timothy:3-4: “This is good and pleasing to God our savior, who wills everyone to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth.”

God desires all to be saved, and He judges us according to the light we receive and how we, in conscience, respond to it.

Your post reminds me of a student who keeps asking the teacher “will this be on the test” while he misses the broader goal of “learning something.”

It’s the same with your question which is basically can I make it to heaven, even if I might not be in the “true” Church.

Why not instead, ask yourself the question “how can I know what is true?" or "how can I find the true Church.” Rather than being concerned with what is the minimum requirement to get to heaven, why not try to find which religion is “true.”

To find the “true” Church, if one exists, you must question whether there is one God, creator of the universe. If you accept there is one God, it follows logically that He has a nature that cannot change. If you believe God created us then you must believe we did not create Him. Therefore, the human mind cannot “invent” a religion. True religion emanates from God who is “Truth.” While all religions may have elements of the truth, there can be only one “true” Church if there is only one “true” God with an unchanging nature.

If you are convinced there is one God, what did He reveal of Himself to us? Do you believe He entered, physically, into the history of the world? What about the Resurrection, do you believe that? What religions accept the Resurrection? If the Resurrection is true, the “true” Church will believe it. If the Resurrection is true, this is compelling evidence that Christ is God. If Christ is God, and He started a Church, where is that Church now? Do you believe the Catholic Church has the “historicity” or the “lineage” that goes back to Christ and the Apostles? Are there arguments strong enough against the Catholic Church to make you believe that another church is the actual church God had planned for us?

So, to answer your question, of course there is a chance those of other religions can get into heaven. But ask yourself the question, do you want **all **or **just some **of the Truth?


Umm…yes, yes, yes, and yes (yes and yes, of course)


This is just my opinion, not the teaching of any church, but I don’t think anyone goes to hell forever. God loves all. He loves even Satan, even Stalin. God is love itself. The bible itself says so.

God cannot but love all all the time. So if there’s a way to rescue you from hell should you go to hell, I’m sure God will rescue you. Is there a way? Of course! God is all-powerful after all and love conquers all.

Who here believes with me that love conquers all?


:smiley: :smiley:

For me, of course I can’t convert, I know too much already and that I can’t turn my back on Christ in the Eucharist. As what Peter said in John 6:58-59 “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God.”

But if one knows that Catholic Church is the True Church, but decided that it’s not for them and they choose other religion. Does it mean that they reject Christ?

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