Will I know my family in heaven?


Will God be so important to us in heaven that we just won’t really care about those that we knew in this life? Will I know my spouse and how important will he be to me in heaven? I know we marry until death do us part but will I know who he is after death, either in purgatory or in heaven? How about my children?


The two great commandments are that we love God and that we love our neighbor as we do ourselves (Matt. 22:35-40). If being in heaven meant that we could not love others, particularly those who were close to us in this life, then that would mean that we couldn’t fulfill the second great commandment.

Christians believe in the communion of saints, which is the union of all who live in Christ. Because of the communion of saints, we may be assured that we will know and love our family in heaven, even if the relationship with them is not exactly the same as it was on earth.

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