Will I meet my unborn child?


I had an abortion many years ago before I become Catholic. I was granted absolution my my priest recently.

Will I meet my unborn child? Did my unborn child not go to heaven because he/she was never baptized? Where is my child’s soul? Can I pray to my unborn child?


Your child had/has a soul. You will meet that child when you “cross over.” As far as praying to the child, I would be tempted to pray to Mary that she care for the child until you get there.


Are they children up there or adults? Do they understand?


I don’t think we can know for sure. But we should trust in God’s mercy! Whatever’s right and best will be what happens.

I believe you’ll meet your child, as long as you stay in His grace and are in a state of grace when you die.

I’ll pray for you. I hope you let other people know how abortion hurt you, so maybe a few others won’t have to suffer.

Blessings. :slight_smile:


Who knows? But we know that the dead shall all be raised and that we will know them. An interesting speculation is based on the certain teaching that the Blessed will be raised as perfect. That we all shall be the same age as Jesus was when he ascended into heaven and that we shall be as we ought to be, as we exist in the mind of God.


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