Will I still go to hell

I want to recieve a plenary indulgence at the special At Home Pilgrimage Mass being held at my parish tomorrrow night. Anyone in attendance can gain this plenary indulgence (provided the requirements for it are followed) Today I went to sacramental confession and confessed the relations of my husband and I include the use of a condom by him. Now that I know it is a mortal sin I was even more sorry for both of us. My husband will go to confession Sunday and speak face to face with a priest. I was given a penance and will be looking into NFP for guidance in this area. We have 3 great kids but we are in no way financially able to provide for another one. We live paycheck to paycheck in a very small apartment. Another child, we will HAVE to move, but cannot afford it. My last one was born with a heart murmur that turned out to be a serious problem. On Mother Mary’s birthday she was only 10 days old when she underwent surgery for aortic stenosis. A very serious condition that could have killed her but our prayers were answered. I am afraid of going through that again. I’m over 40 and I can pretty much just let the idea of relations be gone from me. I know that is not fair to my husband. Unfortunately, the world says we need to have intercourse. It’s healthy and we have to have it. I absolutely do not agree. Nevertheless, I have confessed my sin and did the penance and am preparing to do many penences in my life to make up for this. A friend who has had abortions also asked if one has confessed with true sorrow and has done penance,will one be spared from hell. Abortion and use of condoms are Mortal sins. If I have truly repented and will never again commit the sin, will I still go to hell? Will the plenary indulgence be given to me? I’m worried and a little afraid. I do not want to go to hell. Can you help me?
Thank you:blush:

Hello Mrs Younan,
I dont think we can answer that question because only God can see into your soul, but please believe that Jesus loves you and your family and your friend who is worried more , much more than the value of your sin. You have been to confession, you have done your penance (and your friend also) you very very obviously love the Lord, please believe that Jesus loves and forgives you and yours. Have faith in His love and Mercy. You are not “wanting” to do wrong or go to hell and be forever separated from from, so dont fret, He loves you heaps.


Thank the Lord for His love and Mercy!

If you have made a good confession and received absolution, your sins are forgiven! You are in a state of grace, and it sounds as if you will stay that way. Remember the last line of the Act of Contrition:

“I firmly resolve, with the help of thy grace, to sin no more, to do penance, and to amend my life, Amen.”

You’ve affirmed that resolve several times in your post. As far as I know you can absolutely receive an indulgence provided you fulfill its conditions.

Praying for your family and your friend,


And one more thing you may want to note- the way you posted makes it sound like you weren’t aware of the Church’s teaching on contraception. In order to commit a mortal sin, you must be fully aware that what you are doing is sinful. If it is the case that you didn’t know that what you were doing was sinful, the gravity of your offense is greatly lessened (though the same can’t be said for your pastor… :rolleyes: ).

Despite that, it’s still wise to go to confession, as you did, and certainly pray for your husband and your friend if they resolve to do so as well.

Only proper Christians can go to heaven, and nobody else. But only God can determine who is a proper Christian.

What does that mean?

We have Christ’s assurance that the Church has the power to bind and loose.

If a person repents and confesses their sins and receives absolution before death, they are assured of salvation. Full Stop.

God Bless

What? I am not a christian, but I did not get the feeling in my gut that this could ever be possible.

Are you saying God created the majority of people to be either dead and no more, or in a hell, or what?

I am new at investigating christian claims, but I never could reconcile this claim. Where does it come from?

Certainly not the Catholic Church. See billop’s post.

Thanks to everyone who answered my post. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, it means so much. I will be making many penances for what I have done, knowing full well, I can do nothing to merit Heaven but at least I can try to show God how sorry I am and help others come to Him. Maybe in some small way I can console Him. I love him so. Again dear friends in Christ, thank you for your prayers and replies. I feel better. I will remember you all at Mass tomrrow night. God be with you:)

No. God wishes everyone to be with Him in Heaven, and has granted us all the means of salvation through Jesus Christ.

As a non-Christian, you can be saved. But, if you are saved you will be saved through Jesus Christ and His Church. That is what “Outside the Church there is no salvation” means. All who are saved are eventually incorporated into the Church.

This need not be formal membership. We don’t really know how it happens. Christ may come to people before their deaths to give them a last chance to accept him. Others, who are moral, but have never heard of Christ, may be saved by what is called “invincible ignorance”. Truly, it has not been revealed to us.

What has been revealed to us is that if we belong to His Church (Catholic or Orthodox basically), receive the sacraments, and die in a state of grace, we are assured of salvation.

God Bless

This is not the Catholic understanding. Catholics believe that the Catholic Church is the “universal sacrament of salvation,” which means that all those who are saved are saved through though the church. That is why it is true that “Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus” (outside the Church there is no salvation).

However, this is misinterpreted often by non-Catholics, and by a few Catholics as well. It does not mean that only baptised Catholics can get to heaven. While we do beleive that everyone is saved through the Church, we believe that there are ways (“exceptions to the rule,” if you will) for non-Catholics to be incorporated into the Church.

Some terms you might want to look up relating to this are “baptism by death,” “baptism by desire” and “invinvincible ignorance.”

‘Ignorance’ from the Catholic Encyclopedia
‘Ignorance - Invincible and Vincible’ By Jimmy Akin
Catholic Answers: Salvation Outside the Church

From St. Augustine:
“The apostle Paul said, ‘As for a man that is a heretic, after admonishing him once or twice, have nothing more to do with him’ [Titus 3:10]. But those who maintain their own opinion, however false and perverted, without obstinate ill will, especially those who have not originated the error of bold presumption, but have received it from parents who had been led astray and had lapsed . . . those who seek the truth with careful industry and are ready to be corrected when they have found it, are not to be rated among heretics” (Letters 43:1 [A.D. 412]).

Thank you for the expalinations bilop and belguimwaffels (gee I am getting hungry thinking about those)

I am very happy to hear this because it sounds far more sound than thinking God created so many to perish. Certianly, many may anyway, but its most reassuring the picture is not so bleak as it appeared from one point of view expressed here.

Its going to take me some time to read all the information links I got today, but I will do my best and hope I will get some more answers to the questions that will come from it.



If you’re more interested on the topic, I would recommend reading this sermon:


The second part deals with the fact that God did NOT create us to be damned, as you said.

God bless :slight_smile:

It isn’t easy to achieve salvation; not of course by any act or acts of our own doing where we “earn” eternal life, but by believing in and following Christ…which is the part which isn’t easy. :wink:

Be careful, though, that you don’t start thinking that you can ever make up for your sins by doing penance; that’s not what penance is about.

We cannot ever make up for our sins…only trust in God’s promise of mercy and salvation. You confessed, were forgiven and did your penance. As far as that sin goes, fuggitaboutit. It’s gone.

Only proper Christians can go to heaven, and nobody else. But only God can determine who is a proper Christian…

This isn’t entirely consistant with Catholic theology. There is the possibility of those who are non-Christians to achieve salvation.

True, but let’s not place too little value on penance. It’s my understanding that purgatory is, essentially, penance, and that penance certainly sanctifies us. Many saints are famous for their strenuous acts of penance.


I’d even be careful about saying that our penance sanctifies us, or at least our doing our penance sanctifies us…I know what you mean, and agree for the most part, but we cannot ever cross that line between thinking anything on our part can help earn salvation and trusting entirely on God’s mercy.

Speaking of penance, the other day, I got a great one from my priest…it was EXACTLY what I needed. double :thumbsup:

I agree with this and with whoever it was that said …“since you didn’t know it was a mortal sin”…

Isn’t it wonderful that your little one was operated on on our Blessed Mother’s Birthday?? I am sure that with her intercession all things work out for God’s will to be done.

(Same goes for your friend and husband.)

For all your needs, God will provide, trust Him!

Do you have any information on this At Home Pilgrimage Mass?

FDear Mrs Younan, come back and keep visiting us. We love you too. Blessings on you and yours

QUOTE=bilop;4018780]What does that mean?

We have Christ’s assurance that the Church has the power to bind and loose.

If a person repents and confesses their sins and receives absolution before death, they are assured of salvation. Full Stop.

God Bless

It means only those who have been saved can go to heaven, only those who are good Christians, live by God’s rules such as going to church, following the dogma, can go to heaven. Only God knows who is saved, unless you are telling me that really it’s the Church that has the authority to say who is and is not saved?

Is that what you mean by bind and loose?

Otherwise what’s the point of punishing sin if absolutely anybody can go to heaven?

I dont see how non christians are all condemed for eternity. It cant be possible. That would make me reject that God.

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