Will mentally challenged people still be mentally challenged in Heaven?

Will a person who is mentally challenged or mentally ill remain like that in Heaven?

I would imagine not. Just like an amputee will be healed in Heaven, I’d imagine that someone who is mentally challenged will have their full intellect restored.


Whoever finished the Summa for St. Thomas opined that “Therefore all will not rise again of the same quantity but each one will rise again of that quantity which would have been his at the end of his growth if nature had not erred or failed: and the Divine power will subtract or supply what was excessive or lacking in man.” (Supp. III 81.2). So if the cause of the mental challenge is some defect in the body, then that would not remain after the resurrection.


NOPE all of the physical infirmities that were bound to our bodies here will be gone because we won’t have our physical bodies any longer. Whatever bodies we will have will be different and better with nothing negative about them at all. What a wonderful thing to imagine.

Sorry let me clarify, we will have different better versions of our own bodies.


St. Paul suggests in 1 Corinthians 13:8-13 that our minds will be improved. In this passage, he wrote about knowing and seeing, but I would generalize these to include perception, cognition, and memory, and then we might as well include emotions, relationships, etc.

I’d guess “no” with the illness, but as for mentally challenged, for all I know that describes my current state in comparison with how we’ll be in heaven (God willingly).

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I don’t believe that this idea is compatible with Catholic teaching. We will have physical bodies, and they will be our bodies.

I agree with your conclusion, however.

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There’s also the train of thought that says our wounds will be redeemed and glorified, as is the case with Christ.
Glorified wounds is hard to comprehend, as it should be.


Sorry let me clarify, we will have different versions of our own bodies.

And not to be funny, but some people are a little too smart for their own good.

No. We will be healed of all illness, all deficiencies. We will be made perfect.

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For all I know, compared to people in heaven even an Einstein or Aquinas would seem mentally challenged. Perhaps the change for “normal people” won’t be much less than the change for the challenged.

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Certainly not in Heaven. Some will shine brighter than most of us, having been purer/more innocent in soul!

Father Vincent Serpa states:

The Church teaches that at the resurrection the bodies of the just will be re-modeled and transfigured to the pattern of the risen Christ. Like his body, our resurrected bodies will be those of a person in his prime.

I think we will probably (if we make it) see things differently in Heaven so the way we view humans and bodies might not be comprehensible to us now

My question is if our definition of perfect right now will be our definition of perfect in heaven. maybe we’re operating on two different levels right now. one that we can see (in this life here on earth) and the heavenly dimension which we don’t know enough about…yet)

That’s like asking if handicapped people will be handicapped in heaven.

The blind will see. The deaf will hear. The mute will speak. The lame will leap. All defects will be done away with.

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