Will most likely miss Easter Mass!...ug

I know that I will most likely not be able to participate at Mass this Easter! :frowning: Neither the Easter Vigil nor Easter Sunday Masses. The reason being that I will be visiting my non-Catholic in-laws out of state. We will probably be visiting one side of the in-laws on Saturday night, so the Easter Vigil is probably out for me. Easter morning I am attending an early morning Lutheran (Missouri Synod) service. I’m truly hoping to go to Mass after that if we don’t already have family plans. What should I do? Will I be in mortal sin? :frowning:

Are you able to drive or to pay for a taxi? If you are, get to calling the parishes where you are visiting and get a Mass schedule.

Make Easter Mass your first priority.

Go to:


Put in the zipcode or town and fins a parish close by and go…

… and yes it is a Holy Day of course and yes would be a mortal sin that would need to be confessed if you miss.

Might seem awkward to excuse yourself but when you go to bed Easter night you will feel good and right that you went to Mass.

Praying that the Holy Spirit will give you the strength, Amen.

Good Luck and God Bless,


You need to make arrangements to go to Mass. You have plenty of warning and you are not exactly going to far East China where you can’t find a Catholic Church. Use the Mass Times website to find the church and get there. You will be a good example to your family.


Pray about it, then do what you need to to get to Mass SOMEWHERE! Invite your family to join you, with charity, without expectations. Who knows, someone may surprise you and go along!

Happy Easter!

God bless

Forgive me for beling blunt - but I see nothing in the above that I would consider good reason for missing mass, so yes in my opinion you would be committing a grave sin. As others have said, you can go by taxi if need be.
You really need to ask yourself if God, or your “family plans” are the center of your life. If God is center, then you must go to mass. Since your family is also christian they should understand and be supportive of you. If not, then make your own plans to go to mass and then “catch up with them”.


Attending (Easter) Mass is more important than any family obligations.

Remember Jesus said He who does not hate his brothers and sisters cannot follow me. (That`s from memory, not an exact scripture quote.)
I think he may have been guiding us for times when we have tough choices to make.

I also think of this:

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength. This is the first and great commandment.
And the second is like unto it: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

The first and great commandment is to love God above all/anyone else. We must place serving our Lord above all else. Even if that results in a few hurt feelings.

Another thing. Have you checked (with your priest) if it is OK for a Catholic to attend a Lutheran service?

Looking at other posts, you have a wife so guess that makes you an adult :smiley:

Those entering a mixed marriage are asking for a lifetime of this kind of tough call. It is not easy to say “I am Catholic and will not be going to the family cook out on Good Friday, I am Catholic and I will be attending Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation”.

You drop your wife off at the relatives on Sat PM, take your kids (if you have any) and go to the Vigil on Saturday or you drop your wife off at the Lutheran service on Easter morning and you take the kids and go to Mass. That is what is right. God has to be first.

You’ll only be gone an hour or so and have the rest of the day for family. I see no valid reason to be missing Easter Sunday mass - the Holiest Day of the year!

It just occurred to me that you didn’t need to post this question. You almost had to anticipate the responses you have gotten, but perhaps needed a nudge to make the choice you know you should have made in the first place. I am the only Catholic in my family. I ALWAYS put Church and God first where family is concerned - really! My family has come to accept that. It may not be the easy choice, but God is always the right choice. The rest will fall into its proper place. Pray about it.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

I agree. Drop your wife and kids off at the Lutheran service, then get your butt to mass. :thumbsup:

You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a Catholic Church. If you deliberately miss Mass to please your family, then you will be commiting a grave sin.

Plus, I don’t understand why Catholics wish to attend heretical services, infact if a Catholic does so, he should be suspected of heresy.

I agree with your first statement, but…

"Plus, I don’t understand why Catholics wish to attend heretical services, infact if a Catholic does so, he should be suspected of heresy.

Heresy? Really!! I play for Mass every week, and attend Daily Mass nearly every day. I also play for a Methodist church. I make it perfectly clear that I am Catholic. There is nothing suspect or heretical about it. People also attend ecumenical services held in Protestant churches, and go to baptisms and funerals for friends and relatives who are not Catholic. As long as it is in addition to and not in place of attending Mass, I see no issue. I have also spoken about this with my priest, and he agrees.

If there is time to attend a protestant service there is time to attend Mass. Yes, if you knowingly miss Mass you will be commiting a mortal sin and if you follow that path you must go to Confession at your earliest opportunity.

I can’t see any excuse for you.:nope:

Why is it necessary to attend the protestant service with your in-laws? Your spouse can attend with his/her family and you will go to Mass at a Catholic church. Nothing says that attending church must be a group activity. Why is that so difficult?

Are you frightened that you will be upsetting your inlaws? Better than offending God. And your insistance on attending Mass should impress upon your inlaws that you are not an indifference Catholic.:knight1: Do the right thing.


Get on Masstimes.org right now and find all the parishes within a reasonable drive from where you will be. Start CALLing to find out their Mass times, since schedules change during holy week and the websites may not be up to date. I would not miss Easter Mass for the reason you give here–not if there is any possibility at all of getting to a Mass.

As others have said, take a cab, borrow a car, find public transit. There are very few places in the continental US where you can’t find a Catholic church within 50 miles (around here it is more like 5 in 50 miles).

If someone is a Catholic and knows what the Church teaches, why would they even want to go to a church that proclaims a Gospel which is not that of Christ? Why listen to a minister teach material heresy about the Christian message? Attending baptisms in non-Catholic churches, should be merely to witness and not to take an active part in their worship. Knowingly ‘worshiping’ God in a heretical assembly is displeasing to Him, as He has founded the Catholic Church for salvation. This may also be a danger to your faith.

A dispensation to miss Sunday Mass - for the reason cited by the OP?:confused: :frowning:

You may be quoting me, but I edited my original post. I did not realize that OP was an adult who would very likely have a car at his disposal. There have been some similar posts in the past but where the OP was underage or wouldn’t have a car at their disposal. A cab ride into town is one thing, taking a cab 30 miles when you are a teen is something else entirely. But, since that is not the OP’s situation, I agree that a dispensation is not the route to take (and hopeful his priest would agree).

I wouldn’t say that it is a mortal sin if you cannot drive, find a ride, or get on a taxi or bus. If you can drive or do any of those other things, then yes, it might be a mortal sin, since it is a Sunday Mass and all Sunday Masses are holy days of obligation. If you do not have family plans, definately find a Catholic Church nearby and go to that Mass. If you do have family plans, say “I’m sorry, but I’d be devestated if I miss Easter Sunday Mass. It’s very important to me.” Most likely the Mass will be from an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. I’m sure they can understand how important this is to you.

CatholicZ09, there are no “if, ands, or buts” here. Nor, any “mights.”

To miss Mass on a Sunday and/or a Holy Day of Obligation with full intent is a grave matter (a mortal sin); and should be confessed as soon as possible. This does not mean that one should commit a mortal sin with the intention that it is okay because he/she will go to confession. That appears very risky to me.

There is no reason for the OP to attend a protestant service on Easter Sunday and forego attending Mass; assuming, of course, he is not in some far away place where there are only protestant churches and no Catholic church - which is unlikely.


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