Will most of the World be Comverted?


Will there ever come a time when most of the world is Converted to the True Faith, the Catechism says the “Full number of Gentiles” will come into the Church but does this refer to most of the world.:slight_smile:


Simply put, no. If current population trends continue, Islam will become the plurality religion by the year 2100 and the majority religion probably soon thereafter.


The book of Revelation would seem to indicate that Catholics will not be the majority at the end of time. We will be a persecuted minority.


Thank You, before the Anti-Christ appears will most of the World be Converted though?

Thank you and God Bless


Again, probably not. Revelations, at least in my reading, seems to paint a pretty bleak picture for Christians alive at the end of the world. Don’t forget though, that no matter how much the people of the world may reject God, He wins in the end; in fact, he’s already won.


This is highly improbable and inaccurate. Not only would Islam have to nearly double in size within 80 years, but Christianity would also need to fully stop it’s own growth. The fact is this is simply not happening. The number of people on Earth who ascribe to worshiping Jesus Christ is over 2 billion, again almost twice that of Islam. While the Western World is certainly experiencing a decline in Christianity, the global south is experiencing a boom (albeit, most of that is Pentecostalism). The African continent is also experience a rapid growth of orthodox Christianity. So it is not likely that Islam will be the majority religion any time soon.

As for the OP’s question. It seems that the Church will be a persecuted minority at the time of the second coming. That doesn’t mean an insignificant minority, but the truth is we simply don’t know. There is a belief, however, that before Christ returns there will be a large conversion to the Church from Judaism. Aside from that I would bow in humility :shrug:


The Muslims will be converted, just as the barbarian tribes of Europe were.

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto myself.” John 12:32


Not to quibble, but your numbers are a bit off. The world population of Muslims is close to 2 billion and growing faster than Christianity. However, all things are possible with God.


Thank you Prodgl Architect


All things are indeed possible for God. Amen brother.

As for the numbers, the best estimates seem to be 2.2 billion overall Christians (which include Catholicism), 1.6 billion Muslims, and 1.2 billion Catholics alone. I think it’s sort of an unfair statement to say that one is growing faster than the other. There are major geographical areas where one certainly beats the other in growth. I mentioned for the Western World it looks like Islam is certainly growing faster than Christianity. But in places like Africa, it’s the exact opposite.

I suppose that when the overall numbers are take as a whole, then yes it would seem that Islam is growing faster. Yet I’m not sure that the most important factor.

God bless.


The Church does not know that answer. Conversion is a subjective matter and has various levels. One post said about the size of the cafeteria. It goes to show that if the saving faith is given assent in its entirety: it is a life-long process of testing even after a second conversion (which is the water of tears). Everyone would profit from a study of conversion, how it is, ect.


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