Will my dog be in Heaven?


Well, you’re flat out wrong.

If you don’t see how the Incarnation relates to who goes to heaven, then there’s no point in attempting a conversation.

I know you’re trying to bait me here. I’m not falling for your trick. Goodbye.


Thanks!! I do try. Therese said, “My vocation is love!!”. … Part of my vocation is to make people laugh a bit more. (among other things, pretty sure)


Thanks Padre. :slight_smile:


You do more than try…you succeed.

You should read about Saint Philip Neri, if you are not already acquainted with him. Mirth was very important to him.

Sorry…I never miss an opportunity to promote a beloved Saint of Rome’s historic center. Pope Francis reminds me of Saint Philip in some of his mannerisms and expressions. Of course, Philip was a friend of Ignatius Loyola. Perhaps that is why.


Oh, I like him a lot.

Ignatius Press has a video regarding him. I enjoyed it very much, but I know it was only loosely based on the real St. Phillip Neri. It’s a good movie, in my opinion, if you have not seen it. (But the Italians do seem to fully utilize artistic license when they make a movie about some saint.)

I do love reading about the saints, very much. I should do it more.


If the Bible’s any indication, animals will most definitely be in Heaven, however OP’s question is referring to their resurrection (Will my dog be in Heaven?). While God can do anything and resurrect whomever according to His will, the established order dictates that his dog, won’t, in fact be joining him in the afterlife.


Apologies then, allow me to rephrase

I believe FD96 was saying Jesus only redeemed human nature.
Somehow he went from there to saying our pets couldn’t possibly be in heaven.
I am unsure of the connection.

If God can resurrect Lazarus why cannot he do so for pets in the new earth.


All life comes from God,so when something dies that life returns to God from where it came from.


It’s very hard to believe that God will resurrect every animal. Why are pets so special? Why not, therefore, every insect, spider (uggh!!), dinosaur, fish, mammal, reptile and all the others I can’t think of at the moment.
The number would have to be in the trillions of trillions.

No, resurrection is for people. Otherwise, we are left with yet another sugary, feel-good eschatology, just because people don’t want to finally say goodbye to ‘Goldie the fish’ or ‘Old Yeller’.

Believe me, I’ve had pets (we all have, surely) that I’ve loved and grieved over, but they’re gone now. I know that. They are nothing like people.


God strikes me as a pug guy.


Sheep go to heaven. Goats go to hell.


That’s the Vatican calling limbo a “teaching,” not my sainted (in my opinion) grandmother. Surely you believe the Vatican!


For me it’s no harder to believe he will resurrect every animal as it is every person.


Show me the Church document stating that Limbo for Infants was/is a teaching. If you cannot then its just hot air.


Love the post, Jamal! Priceless!


I am curious as to why you believe this of “the established order”?


Ummmm, because of the love of their owners perhaps?
Same reason humans are so special…even above the angels in that regard.

So if our joy in heaven is incomplete without them I guess God would want to remedy that.
No eye has seen…


The question could be - Why is it important pets are in heaven.

If one’s gaze is fixed on the beatific vision why would we even care at that point?

Another point, heaven is an immaterial place where our immortal souls stay until the final judgement.


Hmmm… Maybe the writers of scripture were just dyslexic and should have been writing ‘d-o-g’ instead of ‘G-o-d’? :slight_smile:


See above, if bodies are essential to being fully happy then they must somehow have their needs and desjres fully realised in paradise too. Hence new earth and new heaven…our pets may be ready and waiting for us still.

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