Will my dog be in Heaven?


Tell that to Galileo re the “hypothesis of geocentrism” .
It was a teaching. People don’t get punished for hypotheses :smile:.


They have material spirits.
That means the spirit exists but only in matter.

Therefore, when we ourselves gain material bodies in the Final Resurrection…there seems no reason why animals cannot be present with us at that point.


Three more words:

You are correct.

But what we do know is that: “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it dawned on man what God has prepared for those who love him”


Then you haven’t been reading.

Only human nature has been redeemed. Only human nature will be resurrected on the last day.

I’m sure you understand that “only human nature” excludes pets.

And if you do read what I wrote, you’ll note that I specifically said that we cannot exclude the idea of animals being in heaven because there will be “a new heaven and a new earth.”

And as I clearly said earlier, there’s quite a difference between the ideas of “some animals” in heaven and the idea that pets will be resurrected.


This is wrong.

We know that only human nature was assumed at the Incarnation and only human nature has been redeemed.


Not material to the question.


Could we say animals do not need to be redeemed ,but may have never lost their place in Heaven? Do they need to be redeemed?
God so loves Creation…


They never had a place in heaven to begin with.



The Incarnation is absolutely essential to the question.





At the beginning,when created.
That is what I mean.
And a book comes to mind,Max Scheller ,“The place of man in Cosmos” and something he said about plants. I should read it again.
Not arguing,just asking.
Sorry,I didn t quote your post completely,I see


I do enjoy these images you post, @JamalChristophr.

You are very clever to find them.


I will carry my Border Collie in my heart ,Jamal.
Maybe,just maybe that is enough.
God bless you for you good and kind humor,Jamal. You are awesome!


I was typing about the same. Jamal is very special with his good temper also!


Well, you’re flat out wrong.

If you don’t see how the Incarnation relates to who goes to heaven, then there’s no point in attempting a conversation.

I know you’re trying to bait me here. I’m not falling for your trick. Goodbye.


Thanks!! I do try. Therese said, “My vocation is love!!”. … Part of my vocation is to make people laugh a bit more. (among other things, pretty sure)


Thanks Padre. :slight_smile:


You do more than try…you succeed.

You should read about Saint Philip Neri, if you are not already acquainted with him. Mirth was very important to him.

Sorry…I never miss an opportunity to promote a beloved Saint of Rome’s historic center. Pope Francis reminds me of Saint Philip in some of his mannerisms and expressions. Of course, Philip was a friend of Ignatius Loyola. Perhaps that is why.


Oh, I like him a lot.

Ignatius Press has a video regarding him. I enjoyed it very much, but I know it was only loosely based on the real St. Phillip Neri. It’s a good movie, in my opinion, if you have not seen it. (But the Italians do seem to fully utilize artistic license when they make a movie about some saint.)

I do love reading about the saints, very much. I should do it more.

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