Will my dog be in Heaven?


My dog will be. Because she’s perfect in every way.


According to Aquinas, animals have a material soul, which “dies” along with the animal. Animals can be resurrected if God willed it, but it wouldn’t be the same “soul” as the one that existed on earth, it would just look and act similar.

Laudato Si, Francis’s encyclical seems to hint at it

“Eternal life will be a shared experience of awe, in which each creature, resplendently transfigured, will take its rightful place and have something to give those poor men and women who will have been liberated once and for all”

What is that creation he is referring to? Animals, plants, rocks, the moon? We don’t know.

My idea is that “no eye has seen, nor ear heard” what we will experience in heaven.


Then perhaps you are not yet ready to enter heaven for to wish such a thing means you could not be happy in heaven.


I think you may have forgotten about the new heaven and the new earth.
Its not all about harps, clouds and gooey eyes looking upwards!


God is quite capable of regenerating the same material soul and memories surely? Fido will still know his owner and their favorite games yet!


Comments along the lines of “we don’t know” do not change what we do, in fact, know, by revelation.

Only human nature was assumed at the Incarnation. Only human nature has been redeemed and only human nature will enter into Heaven on the last day.


Yet God does not contradict Himself.


The decision, is, of course, God’s. But I prefer to believe that they will be in Heaven with us. Those of mine who have gone before me are playing at the Rainbow Bridge. And when it is my time to join them, we will all cross into Heaven together.


Yes, exactly.

People often say cute or amusing things about heaven, but we have to draw a distinction between those things and the actual Truth that has been revealed to us.

Someone might say “I want my sports car in heaven, so I’ll have it. If God wants to bring it back, He can.”

or “I want heaven to have the best golf course imaginable”

or “in heaven, I’m going to have a huge bank account.”

Well, none of those things are actually true. None are going to happen.


And said decision has already been revealed. It’s part of the dogma of the Incarnation.

Only human nature assumed, only human nature entering heaven.


Dogs and cats do have a certain level of intelligence, awareness and feelings toward their owners. Cardinal Mahony, in a talk with children, said that there was a heaven for cats.


But Father, I don’t think the Church has ruled out the possibility that the “new earth”, after the culmination of all things, will be populated by some sort of animal creation.


Reread my post.

It’s not about any of those things. Read Revelation regarding the wedding feast of the Lamb.



Well I have read many NDE that say yes.One woman says that there was a special place on the outskirts of Heaven just for pets.When she arrived there she saw horses and dog playing by chasing one another.When they saw her she said it was as if their stares were burning holes through her body because they thought at first she might be their master they been waiting for.


Sorry, I missed the end of the post of yours I made that post in response to.

I’m inclined to believe the same of animals, that if you need a pet to be happy in heaven you are not ready for it yet. However, your original post I think covered that.


That is true, Father. And I believe it’s also in the Bible although sadly, I can’t remember the exact verse.


And all nephews have uncles…but why is your observation relevant?


Yes been there done that, why not just say something concrete?


I don’t see why not. I guess if I get to heaven I’ll ask God if I could bring my dogs to heaven. I just hope He isn’t allergic.

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