Will my dog be in Heaven?


That has nothing to do with what I said.


Pope Francis perhaps caused some confusion on this matter with his off the cuff remark on the baptism of “Martians”.
There could be other intelligent beings out there, but they aren’t part of our economy of salvation.


That is more my point.

And if God is God… If aliens exist… he created them too in some fashion.


And it they are intelligent then they must also be “human” for the definition of human nature is its a composite of an intellectual soul and a material body.

Nothing about denying eyes on stalks or coming from another planet there!

Then we will have to revise where the Garden of Eden was … obviously it must have been in a galaxy far away and the sending from Eden and the flaming swords could represent the rocket that blasted off from there and sent us to earth and our sibling aliens to somewhere else.

Reminds me of a book by van Danikan my sister used to read in the 1960s.


If aliens exist they either aren’t fallen, aren’t redeemed, or are descended from Adam.


I am thinking the latter - which suggests Adam may not have looked much like us today at all.


We only know what our revelation is. Catholicism is true and I’m not trying to swing LDS… but I think we may be infinitely special yet not as important as we think we are.


Yes, “off the cuff remark.” (oh boy do I want to write more here, but I’m holding back. It’s not easy).

I’m sure he also made some “off the cuff remarks” about Santa Claus in his time as well. We don’t treat those as teaching statements either. (And no, I don’t mean to imply that you do take them seriously).

Oh what an interesting time!


Well I am not saying it’s dogma… but I want to believe.

I have more experience than most when it comes to this and I am sorry to say that the likelihood of a lot of popular ideas on all this is still no.


If such creatures exist, and we will probably never know, given the distances between planets, then whatever plan God has for them is between them and God.


I don’t think anything could be “more important” than being part of a species that God Himself assumed.

Still, infinity is a big place (“space is big, really big…”) and eternity is a long time. So maybe we won’t be the only species created in His image and likeness in eternal terms. As far as we do know however, we’re the only one.


You were abducted?


Nope. At least doubt it.

But Heath Kirchart is my favourite alien.

The rest I am not willing to say.


Ah, if you arent willing to say it must be true.


Then stay out of the desert.

And read it again.


You mean Area51 don’t you…
So there is a body!


Nope. But I like enchiladas. And I love my Grandfather.


So your Mexican grandfather contracted there and told you what was going on!
Grandads do tend to carry on a bit when telling stories to their grandchildren though.


Considering this is not even a real Catholic site and highly public that’s all for now. But salsa verde por favor.


And there are dogs in heaven.

It’s called Sirius.


Last note.

Apoptygma Berzerk. Welcome to Earth.

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