Will my dog be in Heaven?


I agree with your entire post, PaladinSword, and especially what I quoted. Great post, filled with wisdom.


Ok then you don’t know animals…

Usually when a domestic animal is behaving badly and acting guilty they know… and honestly it is usually the human’s fault… Not theirs…

so who is going to heaven now?


They aren’t culpable though.

Cats sometimes will eat their litter.

Do those cats go to hell? Do they need confession?


So it teaches its possible :slightly_smiling_face:!


Everybody knows you can’t baptise cats they will always be cats.


I know.

But mama cat eats her whole litter of kittens. She committed “catricide”. Does she go to hell?

Why doesn’t she?


I think my cats and dogs know more than a newborn human baby, and I’m not denigrating babies.

My cats and dogs definitely know when they’ve done something wrong. My dog accidentally bit me one time, and he hung his head in shame. Dogs and cats know right from wrong better than some grown and baptized humans.


They still sometimes want to eat us, regardless of how small they can be. But they really want you to be their mommy. Takes a really long time sometimes.

Also I have heard when they eat their own something is really wrong.

Even a domestic cat will directly challenge your authority as a human in almost the same way a lion will, they are just not physically large enough to kill you.


Would someone kindly define “it”?
The two of you seem to be squabbling over different things.

There is no teaching there will not be animals after the 2nd Resurrection. I am sure its within Gods power to resurrect moggy if that would make our joy complete.
There is no teaching this would contradict surely?


No, because there was probably something wrong with the kittens she ate. That’s usually the case. It’s God’s way of protecting cats from bad genetics. Humans let their young suffer. I’m not advocating killing an innocent baby because it is suffering from some deformity or disease. Quite the contrary. Humans just have a different way of dealing with those things. We get them surgery or psychological counseling, etc. Cats don’t have that benefit, and there are pet psychologists and people who work in pet behavior modification, but most people won’t utilize their services.


It is on the right.


That’s really not the answe though.

Can a cat go to hell because of sins? What if she’s promiscuous?

Why can’t a cat go to hell?


Probably because they would go there to rule.

My experience with cats is that they almost have some characteristics one would attribute to something really scary like a demon… but they aren’t evil… and when they act like they are it is usually because we are doing something wrong… even morally… That is if it is a good cat. They can actually correct our behavior.


If God can resurrect a box of decaying old bones (all of us) or ashes (those who have chosen cremation), he can certainly resurrect the bodies of our animal loved ones. Will he? Some day, we all will see.


Promiscuity is not sinful for a cat. Or even a dog or a horse.

This discussion is getting ridiculous now. PaladinSword and BlackFriar are right. There is no teaching that animals will not be part of the Second Resurrection, so we will all see some day.


It isn’t getting ridiculous.

Humans can merit heaven or hell. That is by dogma.

What about animals? Do they only merit heaven? Why?

If they can merit heaven, why can’t they merit hell?


Three Words.

We don’t know. :slight_smile:


Depends on if you are Buddhist.

Thing is… On Earth which is temporal we often have our feet in both places. Someday it’s decided… as for animals though I think people somewhat miss the mark when they say they don’t have rational souls… we can learn a great deal more from them than we can by judging them… this is something Natives have practiced forever.


Three words:

We do know.


Oh. :slight_smile:

(I was just passing by.)

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