Will my mixed marriage be valid?

To keep things short, I am a devoted Catholic, and my fiancé is a baptist ( and is baptised )
He agreed and still do on the children to be baptised Catholic and he, at first agreed on the marriage to be Catholic and we even went through the Catholic wedding preparations ( the pre cana) and finished it. But something happened, since the Bishop wouldn’t let us marry in a Chapel instead of the Catholic church near us ( i don’t get it… the Chapel is a Christian chapel used for marriages now ) but anyway, my fiancé got sad and bit upset at it since there was no reason to why not. My fiancé wants me now to marry him by his baptist pastor in that Chapel. My question is that, will the marriage be valid in the eyes of the Catholic church? And if not, how can I, after marrying him, make it valid? ( without remarrying again in the Catholic church). I’m sad and confused about this … This should be a happy event and yet it turned into a complex one.

I am unsure of the reasons the Bishop had for denying your request to be married in a chapel. Since I don’t know his reasons or the specifics of the chapel I cannot comment on that aspect.

You can request a dispensation from canonical form to be married in a Baptist marriage ceremony (canon 1127 §2). However, without that permission that marriage would be considered invalid.

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